Wilson Solution Composite Basketball


Size: Intermediate 28.5 - Size 6
$89.95 Each


• Wilson
• Moisture Absorbing Composite Cover
• Pebble Composite Channels
• Indoor use
• Size 6 (28.5) - Intermediate - Boys ages 12-14, Girls ages 12 and up
• Size 7 (29.5) - Official -Ages 15 and up
• Official Game Ball of the NCAA Championships and NCAA March Tournament

The NCAA Game Ball sets the standards for performance and innovation on the court. Patented features include the only moisture absorbing cover on the market and laid in channels creating a 100% composite cover. No other basketball provides more gripability and playability helping players raise the level of their game. The Official Ball of the NCAA Championships and NCAA March Madness is simply the best basketball on the market and behind more NCAA winning moments than any other ball.

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