29.5" Classic Croquet Set

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• Six 29.5-in. natural wood shafts
• Six 9-in. hardwood mallet heads
• Two 24-in. hardwood stakes
• Six all-weather polymer balls
• Nine all weather coated bent wire wickets
• Storage bag

Franklin's Classic Croquet Set is the perfect addition to any backyard. Ideal for family parties, company cookouts or just a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon outside with your friends, this classic croquet set comes with everything you need to play. The set includes six all-weather molded balls, six wooden mallets with custom knurled heads, two painted wood stakes, nine all-weather coated wickets and a deluxe carrying bag to keep all the parts neatly organized and compactly stored when not in use. Six 29.5-in. natural wood shafts. Six 9-in. hardwood mallet heads. Two 24-in. hardwood stakes. Six all-weather polymer balls. Nine all weather coated bent wire wickets. Storage bag.

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