Bronco Mini Spring Board

Made in the USA

$349.00 Each


• Manufactured of layers of laminated Baltic birch
• Includes four heavy-duty, removable springs
• Covered in foam and a short-napped carpet
• Unit weighs just 25 lbs
• 31" long x 24" wide x 8" tall
• Manufactured of laminated Baltic Birch and covered with foam and carpet
• The short-napped carpet top has a fun horseshoe stamp the kids know exactly where to jump!
• Includes four removeable mini springs.
• Weight limit is 75 lbs.

The little boards with a BIG KICK. These spring boards are manufactured of 5/8" laminated baltic birch. Includes four heavy duty, removable springs. Top surface is padded with a full 3/8" cross-linked foam and covered with a short napped carpet. Weight limit: 75 lb.

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