Champion Spark Tournament Pickleball Set

Made in the USA

$335.99 Set


• Two Blue Champion Spark Paddles
• Two Pink Champion Spark Paddles
• Four Jugg Pickleballs
• 3.0 Tournament Pickleball Net System

The Champion Spark Tournament Set includes fast-acting paddles, bouncy pickleballs and a reliable net that will make every game you play a pleasure. It comes with four Champion Spark Paddles, four Jugs Indoor Pickleballs and a 3.0 Net System.The Champion Spark Paddles have a lightweight design with a small grip so that they can be used by players of any size to start playing the game. The Champion Spark Set includes the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs, which are beloved by many for their high bounce and soft material. They are very beginner-friendly and cause very little vibration on paddle impact, making them a safe choice to be used with particularly young or older picklers. The 3.0 Net System is made to tournament regulation standards and can be used on just about any level surface. The Champion Spark Set is a safe option to invest in if you're looking for pickleball gear that can be used among all your friends and family members regardless of age.

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