Omnikin¨ Air Ball - 18"

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• Omnikin
• 18” Diameter
• Water resistant nylon cover
• Latex bladder
• Black/White

The OMNIKIN 18 in Air Ball is great for activities, such as bouncing, one hand shooting or kicking. Air Ball features a water-resistant, durable cover and a latex bladder. Air Ball has a black and white design. These balls with contrasting colors that remind of a cow's patterns, are excellent for games that require a ball that bounces. They can also be used to learn skills from conventional sports. OMNIKIN Air balls are great for games, because you can keep participants attention and develop their reflexes. The Crab Fight, a game between two participants, is particularly innovative. Other games such as the Grasshopper, the Centipede, and the Pop-Corn Machine are great sources of entertainment and pure fun.

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