Tourna Pickleball Mini Caddy




• Picks up and holds 20+ Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs
• Made of super lightweight and durable Polypropylene
• Handles lock in place up for pick up or down for ball stand
• Two sliding bars at top provide for quick closure and secure transport
• Easy assembly required

The Tourna Pickleball mini tin picks up both indoor and outdoor pickleballs of all sizes. Capacity for 24 indoor or 20 outdoor picks. Super lightweight design, weighs only 3 pounds. Made of durable, lightweight, double-reinforced polypropylene. The patented locking system allows the handles to be locked in the up and down position. No more legs flying out from under the basket spilling balls. The flexible, roll-up bars at the bottom allow you to easily collect balls, even when the hopper is full. The slide bars on the top close quickly and easily for safe transport. Measures 30 1/2 inches tall for easy access. Easy to assemble.

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