Wilson NCAA 1005 Football - Size 9 (Official)


$112.50 Each


• Wilson
• Exclusive Wilson leather cover with deeper pebble and firmer texture
• Pebbled composite leather, provides 174% more grip than traditional laces
• 3-ply bladder providing unmatched air retention
• Size 9 (Official)
• Ages 14+
• Pro Pattern - matches NFL specifications. .
• NCAA approved.

Wilson 1005 NCAA leather game football. The Wilson f1005 NCAA game ball is designed for collegiate competitive play and offers a host of features to provide you with the best all-purpose football available. Wilson's advanced accurate control lacing system (acl) replaces traditional laces with thick, pebbled composite leather laces, providing a softer, more grip able feel which translates to better control. The composite grip stripes ensure that no matter where you grip the ball even if it's on the stripes, you'll always have control. Features: leather: exclusive Wilson leather with deeper pebble and firmer texture; look for the "w" on the ball.

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