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PuttOut Pressure Putt TrainerPuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer
PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

• Made from premium elastomer and translucent polycarbonate 
• Provides instant feedback according to the quality of your strike
• Foldable design. You can fold and fit it easily into your golf bag 
• Equipped with a micro target for the perfect putt challenge 
• For indoor or outdoor use

Up your training with putt repetition to reduce the number of putts and see dramatic improvements to your game. The parabolic curve design simulates the exact conditions for pushing a ball into a real hole in the green. Return your putter automatically, reject the misplaced putter and keep your putter perfect. Elastomer polycarbonate and the ergonomic design folds up to fit easily into your golf bag so you can take it anywhere and fit training around your schedule. Made of high quality, elastic and translucent polycarbonate for maximum durability. Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed-great feedback for getting the pace just right.  Through golf trainer, golfers can not only correct their swing movements, make the swing more and more standard, but also let golfers grasp the strength of the putter. It not only plays the role of training, but also can experience the joy of golf anytime and anywhere. For general indoor and outdoor use. Product size and weight: 4.5x1.6x8.7 inch, 7 ounces.

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SKLZ Hurricane Select Batting Swing TrainerSKLZ Hurricane Select Batting Swing Trainer
SKLZ Hurricane Select Batting Swing Trainer

Premium swing trainer improves hitting technique through repetition for advanced solo training sessions. New Power Band System provides a more consistent and controlled ball return speed. Anti-dent head protects bats on contact and can easily adjust from 23”-38” high for training versatility.

• Develops hand-eye coordination, hip rotation, swing path and muscle memory
• Adjustable Power Band System for increased durability & consistent return speeds
• Anti-dent head protects bats on contact and looks like a real baseball
• Height easily adjusts from 23”-38” for training versatility
• New Quick Action Legs are weighted for added stability
• Can be used as a static or dynamic swing training device
• Light and heavy Power Bands included for adjustable ball return speed
• Recommended age range 14 and under
• Comes with carry bag and metal spikes
• No tools required

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SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training-StationSKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training-Station
SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training-Station

The #1 baseball batting trainer of all time in an all-in-one portable design. The baseball swing trainer's sturdy pole and twist-back design maximizes a player's power, swing speed and mechanics through repetition training up to 500 swings per hour without ever chasing a ball. The fold-up design is great for simulated pitching at-home or during pre-game warm up. 

• All-in-one design sets up and collapses easily for efficient carrying and storage
• Solidly built for rugged frequent use (35 lbs.)
• Integrated Hit-A-Way now has a shorter cord for better rotation
• Perfect for individual or team practice
• Twist- back design simulates real pitches

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SKLZ Pure Path Golf Swing TrainerSKLZ Pure Path Golf Swing Trainer
SKLZ Pure Path Golf Swing Trainer

The Pure Path gives you honest feedback on your golf swing and helps eliminate slices and hooks to hit longer and straighter. Learn the perfect golf swing. Take the practice range anywhere and never run out of golf balls. Hit with any wood, iron or wedge. 

• Helps correct pushes, pulls, slices and hooks
• Gives immediate feedback on swing path
• Sets up quickly and easily
• Stakes into the ground to eliminate the need for a practice net
• Ball material delivers durability and true feel of contact
• Upright adjustability for use with drivers, hybrids and irons
• Sturdy construction

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SKLZ Putt Pocket - Putting Accuracy TrainerSKLZ Putt Pocket - Putting Accuracy Trainer
SKLZ Putt Pocket - Putting Accuracy Trainer

Designed to make the cup smaller which helps increase your focus and confidence on the greens, Putt Pocket is the easy-to-use trainer that trims strokes off your game. 

• Shrinks practice cups to promote on-course putting skills
• Helps you quickly improve reads, putt speeds and accuracy
• Trains you to hit the high side of the hole where more putts get made
• Easily fits into your bag for practice at the course or home on mats

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SKLZ Weight Control BasketballSKLZ Weight Control Basketball
SKLZ Weight Control Basketball

Heavy Weight Ball strengthens fingers, wrists, and forearms. Improve ball control and muscle memory by increasing awareness and feel while dribbling. Strengthen fingers, wrists and forearms for improved ball handling, passing and rebounding. Constructed of high-quality synthetic leather for training indoors or out.

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