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Pennant Streamers - 100 feet
Pennant Streamers

• 100' long sections
• Plastic pennants are 18" long
• Blue, Yellow, Red, Green & White.
• Dress up your field, control crowds, etc.

Plastic pennants are 18" long in a variety of colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and White. Dress up your field, control crowds, etc. Order In 100' lengths, or a pack of ten 100' lengths and save.

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12" Earth Auger
12" Earth Auger

Fits most power drills (not included)

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$41.50 Each
Yellow Fence CrownBlack Fence Crown
Fence Crown

• Installed over your chain link fence adds safety and reduces player injuries
• Increases visibility
• Beautifies any field
• Weather treated and UV protected
• 4-1/2" in diameter

Enhance the appearance of your field! Don't let anybody take a swing at your fences. Protect your players from injury against the top of any chain link fence while enhancing your ballpark's appearance. Bright Yellow corrugated plastic tubing outlines your ballpark and gives you that "big league" look. Ships freight. Features. 4.5" diameter. 100' coil. Pre-slit for easy installation. 19" color-matched ties available.

Order attachment tool HERE

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TempFence Temporary Fence - 50 ft Roll -
Grand Slam Temporary Fencing

While ​you ​can ​use ​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ ​for ​either ​a baseball​ ​outfield​ ​fence​ ​or ​a little​ ​league​ ​fence​, ​this portable ​fencing ​solution ​comes ​in ​multiple ​colors ​and ​varying ​lengths ​that ​are ​perfect ​for ​you ​field.

Soft poly mesh green fencing with 3" yellow, homerun-maker top. ​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ is a durable, soft, and easy-to-handle product. Fence height is approximately 4 feet. ​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ is available in green, blue or red with yellow top home run marker. Fencing has holes woven into fabric for insertion of poles (Not included). Available in 3 lengths.

Order poles (BS532D) and optional ground sleeves (BS533D) separately. Complete kits are also available.

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Made in the USA
Portable Rope PostsRed Portable Rope Post
Portable Rope Posts

Constructed with lightweight (7 lbs) but stable 14" diameter flat top safety base, 12 gauge steel with rounded edges. Upright is 36" high x 1" diameter, made of 16 gauge galvanized steel tube with permanently attached 3/16" steel ring. Unit suitable for pennant streamers, plastic chain or rope. Available in red or yellow.

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PVC Pole Driving Tool
PVC Pole Driving Tool

PVC pole driving tool for installing Tempfence.

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$23.50 Each
Tempfence Pole Optional Ground SocketSet of 6 Tempfence Pole Optional Ground Sockets
Tempfence Pole Optional Ground Sockets

Optional 12" long black high gloss matching PVC ground sockets to hold the poles. Each ground socket will have a pointed bottom tip and a cap to cover the socket when pole is removed.

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Grand Slam Temporary Fencing KitsTempFence Outfield Fencing
Grand Slam Temporary Fencing Kits

Create ​your ​own ​baseball ​and ​softball ​field ​with portable​ ​outfield​ ​fences.​ ​These durable yet soft, and easy-to-handle temporary fencing kits are quick and easy to set up and take down.

​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ kits are available in 50’, 100’, 150’, 314’ (for 200’ home run distance) and 471’ (for 300’ home run distance) lengths. Kits include: poles, outfield fencing and auger for drilling holes in the ground - fits most power drills. Optional ground sleeves (BS533D) not included - sold separately. Ships Freight

Each kit includes enough poles for them to be placed 10' apart. Additional poles (BS532D) are available so you can place poles every 5', adding stability and reduced sagging. The additional poles keep your fencing system more taut and resistant to movement during wind, for an even more attractive and durable outfield solution.

 Available in Green, Blue or Red

Note: These kits DO NOT include sideline fencing - only outfield fencing.

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FenceCrown Fencetop ToolFenceCrown Fencetop Tool
FenceCrown Fencetop Tool

Install 100' of Fence Crown in less than 10 minutes. The tool works like a zipper, making installing rolls of corrugated fence crown quick and easy!

This steel tool is used to spread the pre-slit corrugated polypropylene fence cap and allows it to close over the fence as you move forward along the fence line.

For use with BS505D, BS506D, BS507D, and BS508D Fence Crown

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$77.50 Each
Rope Post Kit w/ Streamers
Rope Post Kit w/ Streamers

Includes 8 posts (3/4" x 58") and 100' of pennant streamers.

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$99.50 Set
14" Rubber Rim
14" Rubber Rim

Add this rubber rim to one of our 14" bases to protect your floors when using base indoors.

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$8.95 Each
Made in the USA
Plastic Master Link - BlackPlastic Master Link - White
Plastic Master Links

Easily repair a broken section of chain or join chain lengths together with these 2-Inch Plastic Master Links. Made of lightweight yet strong high-density polyethylene, this two-piece chain extender links together plastic chains (sold separately) to create a durable, permanent connection. These chain lengtheners are ideal for replacing broken chain links, connecting multiple chains together, attaching a chain to a post or stanchion, or hanging items like signs from your chain. Designed for long-lasting outdoor use, these master links are designed to snap securely in place and are made with UV-resistant plastic.

• 2" plastic master chain links are ideal for repairing or joining chains
• Designed for use with plastic chains (sold separately)
• Rust- and UV-resistant plastic; Made in the USA
• Made of lightweight, strong, and durable high-density polyethylene
• Sold in pairs
• Available in 3 colors

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Made in the USA
Plastic S-Hook - Black Plastic S-Hook - White
Plastic S-Hooks

Chain accessories for our plastic chain. These s-hooks have a UV protectant added to keep the colors bright and maintain the integrity of the plastic for five years of use. Set of 2.

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Made in the USA
Plastic Barrier ChainPlastic Barrier Chain
Plastic Barrier Chain

Create your own custom crowd control solution with Plastic Barrier Chain. Made of lightweight and strong high-density polyethylene, this 1.5" plastic chain is perfect for forming lines, directing crowds, or restricting access to protect people and property. Use the Plastic Barrier Chain with stanchions, poles, and cone connectors (all sold separately) to create strong visual barriers in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor settings. This plastic crowd control chain is UV resistant for long-lasting outdoor use and will not rust.

Versatile plastic chain creates a strong visual barrier to protect people and property
• Ideal for forming lines, directing crowds, and restricting access indoors and out
• Made of lightweight, strong, and durable high-density polyethylene
• UV resistant and recyclable; Made in the USA

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2 Sizes & 3 Messages
Message ConesMessage Cone - 18 inch SLOW
Message Cones

• Message on an 18" or 28" fluorescent orange cone
• 18" cones have a 10.75" square base, 28" cones have a 14.5" base
• Made with 100% PVC polyvinyl chloride (contains no phthalates)
• Conical and top of base is one continuous layer
• Brilliant color with UV inhibitors for resistance to fading
• Good visibility under all weather condition
• Wide body design ensures stability
• Able to return to their original shape after impact
• Will not mar floors.
• Use as a traffic cone, or for hundreds of phys ed activities

These cones are constructed of brilliant fluorescent orange vinyl. Non-porous, dirt-resistant surface can be easily cleaned. Will not mar floors. Virtually indestructible. Will collapse under pressure then spring back into shape. Easy stacking. Messages are printed in large, easy-to-read black letters on orange cones.

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Barrier Tape - 1000' RollBarrier Tape - 1000' Roll
Barrier Tape - 1000' Roll

This 3" wide barrier rope is ideal for sectioning off hazardous areas. Strong durable plastic.

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$16.95 Roll
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Fence Crown Ties (Pack of 100)19" Yellow Fence Crown Ties
Fence Crown Ties (Pack of 100)

19" Fence Crown Ties. Pack of 100 ties.

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TempFence Foul Pole Kit
TempFence Foul Pole Kit

This 8 foot high foul pole kit includes two yellow foam foul poles, reinforcing poles and ground sockets.

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$252.00 Kit
TempFence Pole
TempFence Pole

Made from "furniture grade" PVC that safely bends to 90 degrees on impact. 60" High with white PVC pointed bottom tip and top cap with latch for fence attachment.

These optional poles allow you to place place poles every 5', adding stability and reduced sagging to our TempFence Kits. The additional poles keep your fencing system more taut and resistant to movement during wind, for an even more attractive and durable outfield solution.

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$17.95 Each