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Vinyl Floor Marking TapeVinyl Floor Marking Tape - 1/2" x 36 yards - Yellow
Vinyl Floor Marking Tape

Vinyl Floor Marking Tape is perfect for marking your gym floors, courts, or any hard smooth surface. Made of tough vinyl, this floor tape comes off clean and won’t scuff your floors, but is strong enough to hold up to foot traffic and equipment. This tough vinyl tape is the thrifty answer for marking floors WITHOUT PAINTING. You can put it down easily in straight lines or in a curve. Available in 3 sizes and 7 colors.

WARNING: Tape should not be used on recently finished floors. It is also necessary to consult a floor finishing expert before using tape on your floor in order to assess risk to floor. In addition, you should test tape on a small portion of your floor before applying any tape. 

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Easy Mark Tape Layer
Easy Mark Tape Layer

• All-steel construction
• Used for laying single sided tape
• Holds 1" or 2" width
• Silver

This Tape Layer helps you create perfectly straight lines on your gym floor. Featuring an all-steel construction, this tape layer works for 1” or 2” single sided tape.

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