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Fox 40 Electronic Whistle
Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

• Utilizes a push button, which offers a hygienic solution for multiple operators
• Provides a loud, clear and consistent sound every time
• Give verbal commands without a whistle in user's mouth
• Three distinct tones that can be aimed in specific directions

Loud, consistent sound every time! Electronic whistles make it easier for referees and coaches to give verbal commands without a Whistle in their mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice. The 125 dB Fox 40 Electronic Whistle provides loud, clear, consistent sound every time you push a button. The hand operation is a hygienic solution that can be used by multiple people. Includes detachable wrist lanyard and 9-volt battery. Great for coaches, teachers and intramural sports! 4 switch three tone function design. Sound Power: 125 dB.

If out of stock, order one of our Windsor Electronic Whistles


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Windsor Electronic Whistle - 3 Tone
Windsor Electronic Whistle - 3 Tone

Personal safety & signaling device
• 3 Tones (including Pealess Whistle) – Grey with Black trim
• Loud 105-dB
• Each set of AAA Batteries produces more than 1000 blasts 
• Whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended, and away from user 
• Loud, Consistent Sound Every Time, even if user is short of breath or injured 
• Hand operated instead of mouth blown is sanitary, even for multi users

Personal Safety & Signaling Device for Hikers, Hunters, Campers, Senior Citizens, Joggers, and anyone who could benefit from carrying a whistle. Electronic whistles make it easier for referees and coaches to give verbal commands without a Whistle in their mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice.

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Colored Officials WhistleBlack Officials Whistle
Colored Officials Whistle

Economical 2" official's whistles. Made of high impact plastic with cork "pea" & stainless steel split ring. Available in 11 individual colors, or as a set of 6 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple).

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Economy LanyardsBlack  economy lanyard
Economy Lanyards

Securely fasten your whistle or name badge with this heavy-duty nylon lanyard. Great for keeping your items close and secure, these lanyards feature a metal J-hook for quick and easy attachment.

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Windsor Electronic Whistle - 1 Tone
Windsor Electronic Whistle - 1 Tone

Personal safety & signaling device. Loud consistent sound every time. Referees and coaches find it easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in their mouth. Each set of "AAA" batteries produces more than 1000 blasts. Loud 105-dB whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended and away from user. Hand operated instead of mouth blown for better hygiene. 4" long.

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Whistle with Red LanyardWhistle with with Blue Lanyard
Whistle/Lanyard Combos

One econo lanyard plus one GE016P whistle.

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Economy 400 Yard MegaphoneBack of Economy 400 Yard Megaphone
Economy 400 Yard Megaphone

• 400 Yard range
• Power from 4 to 8 watts
• Adjustable volume control
• Powerful siren
• Convenient wrist strap and compact handle for easy holding
• Takes six AA batteries (not included)
• White

Get their attention while saving your voice with the Champion Sports 4 Watt Mini Megaphone. With a range of 400 yards, this megaphone comes with a adjustable volume control and powerful siren to communicate a variety of messages to different types of audiences. Equipped with a convenient wrist strap, this megaphone is easy to keep close at hand when you need it most.

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$33.95 Each
Fanon 800 Yard Megaphone
Fanon 800 Yard Megaphone

• Range: 800 Yards
• Power: 16 Watts
• Feature: Built In Siren
• Features: Siren, Pistol Grip With Volume Control Carrying Strap
• Batteries: 8 C Cells
• Bell: ABS Bell 230mm Diameter
• Length: 410mm
• Weight: 2.7kg

800 yd range. Powerful signal alarm. Adjustable volume control. Signal alarm switch. Power output: 20 watts peak. Uses 8 "C" batteries (order below).

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$179.00 Each
Ultrak 100 Memory StopwatchUltrak 100 Memory Stopwatch - Yellow
Ultrak 100 Memory Stopwatch

• 100 Lap Memory
• Lap and cum splits
• 100 dual split recallable memory
• Continuous display of event time
• Memory recall during operation
• Large 3 row display
• Measures to 10 hours
• Stroke/frequency
• Water resistant
• Color: Black or Yellow

100 Lap Memory. Lap and cum splits. 100 dual split recallable memory. Continuous display of event time. Memory recall during operation. Large 3 row display. Measures to 10 hours. Stroke/frequency. Water resistant.

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Acme Thunderer Metal Whistle
Acme Thunderer Metal Whistle

Acme official's brass whistle. Very durable top quality. 1 3/4" long.

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Breakaway Lanyard
Breakaway Lanyard

• Break-away lanyard
• Ideal holder for whistles, badges or any other type of identification
• All plastic parts
• Black only

The Break-Away Lanyard is ideal for holding your whistles, badges, or any other form of identification. This handy lanyard features a breakaway midsection that allows you to quickly remove the lanyard from your neck.

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$1.10 Each
Made in the USA
Competition 4-Digit Flip-A-Score
Competition 4-Digit Flip-A-Score

Ideal scorer for virtually any competition sport. Scores to 99. Sharp 5" white numbers on bright red and hunter green vinyl flippers on extra-strong plastic frame. 21"L x 9"D x 11"H.

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$39.95 Each
Acme Thunderer Plastic Whistle - Black
Acme Thunderer Plastic Whistle - Black

Acme Thunderer Whistle is compressed, molded plastic for great durability.

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$3.25 Each
Olympia Plastic Whistle
Olympia Plastic Whistle

1 3/4" Black with stainless split ring.

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Fanon 1000 Yard Megaphone
Fanon 1000 Yard Megaphone

• Batteries: 8 C cells
• Bell Diameter: 235 mm
• Color: Grey and Blue
• Features: Built in siren, coil microphone attached
• Length: 410 mm
• Power: 20W
• Range: 1000 yards
• Weight: 3 Kg

1000 yd range. Mic hooks on to rear for standard use. May be shoulder mounted without mic. Solid state amplifier. Signal alarm for warning alert. Power output: 20 watts peak. Uses 8 "C" batteries (order below).

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$205.00 Each
Fanon 600 Yard Megaphone
Fanon 600 Yard Megaphone

• Batteries: 6 C cells
• Bell Diameter: 180 mm
• Features: Built in siren, volume control, pistol grip, carrying strap
• Length: 355 mm
• Power: 10W
• Range: 600 yards
• Weight: 2.25 Kg

The MV10S Fanon Megaphone is a 10W megaphone with a 600 yard range. It has a built in siren, volume control, pistol grip, and a carrying strap for easy transfer. Uses 6 "C" batteries.

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$149.00 Each
Robic Silver 2.0 Stopwatch
Robic Silver 2.0 Stopwatch

Full function stopwatch with 1/100 second precision. Times single events. Unlimited split readings. Recalls two finish times. 24 hour timing capacity. Countdown timer shows time remaining: counts up at completion. Countdown timer range from 1 second to 10 hours. Extra large display.

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$18.95 Each
Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle - BlackFox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle - Blue
Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistles

Superior Performance combined with Superior Comfort. Ideal for large indoor stadiums, outdoor arenas, on site disaster management, search & rescue! Advanced science and technology makes the Sonik Blast CMG Safety Pealess Whistle the most efficient whistle in its class! Precise whistle chamber calibration assures pure frequency performance; less effort, crisper sound. Flawless patented pealess whistle emits distinct louder pitch without a lot of effort. Superior clear loud blast can be heard over long distances and intense ambient noise. Cushioned Mouth Grip provides additional comfort and is perfect for reliably holding the whistle in the mouth in wet conditions. Design: 2-chamber/4 resonators; pealess + Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG). Sound Power: Exceeds 120 dB.Available in 9 colors.

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Black Fox Classic CMG Officials WhistleBlue Fox Classic CMG Officials Whistle
Fox Classic CMG Officials Whistles & Lanyards

Better Grip. Better Control. Better Protection. This whistle is the same as the Classic FOX whistle, but has an added CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip). The Classic CMG is ideal for those who need to hold the whistle in their mouth for extended periods of time. From sports officials to lifeguards and crossing guards, the innovative thermoplastic CMG provides superior grip and protection for your teeth. Available in 9 colors.

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$6.95 Each
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Black Fox Classic WhistleRed Fox Classic Whistle
Fox Classic Whistles

The famous Fox professional whistle is not effected by moisture (it has the same shrill tone even after immersing in water). Carriers great distances outdoors with ultra shrill tone. Available in 8 colors.

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1200 yard MegaphoneOlympia 1000 Yard Megaphone
1200 yard Megaphone

• 1200 Yard range
• Power from 12 to 25 watts
• Adjustable volume control
• Powerful siren to alert
• Wrist strap
• Takes eight C batteries (not included)
• White/Blue

One of the most powerful megaphones around, the Champion Sports 12 Watt Megaphone is able to be heard up to 1200 yards away. This megaphone also has a built-in siren when you need to get anyone's attention. The adjustable volume control allows you to adapt to different crowds and distances, while the convenient wrist strap makes it easy to hold and transport this megaphone.

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$82.95 Each
ACCUSPLIT Pro 500 Memory Stopwatch
ACCUSPLIT Pro 500 Memory Stopwatch

500 memory stopwatch with multi-mode countdown timer, stroke/stride rate calendar, data bank & more.

The AX602M500 is a multi-mode, 500 memory advanced timing stopwatch with the best WOS functions and features to provide you with the highest quality timers and stopwatches available


  • Brand new "X4" stopwatch case gives you larger display digits, improved water resistance, plus our ergonomic, million-cycle no-fail buttons.
  • 1/100th second, 500 memory, dual split stopwatch.
  • Three line LCD display shows current split time, lap time, and running cumulative time.
  • "Auto Split Release" feature causes the split time to show for five seconds, then the watch returns to running split time.
  • Stroke rate calculator mode.
  • Audible pacer mode.
  • Repeat 3 mode Countdown Timer.
  • The "Data Bank" gives a time stamp when each split is taken, so you can reconstruct your timing sequence later.
  • Time-of-Day/Date/Alarm mode.
  • Package includes Pro 500+ Memory Stopwatch, Lanyard, Battery and Instructions

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$54.00 Each
Made in the USA
Hand-Held Scorer
Hand-Held Scorer

This pocket, hand-held, scorer has 5 1/2" numbers (0 thru 9) and can fit in your back pocket. Numbers are screen printed black on white washable plastic. Numbers flip easily.

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$14.95 Each
Tabletop Scorer
Tabletop Scorer

• Can be used for any sport
• Complete with 5" numbers on bright red and blue backgrounds
• Can score up to 99
• Sits or lays flat on scorer's table for added convenience
• No numbers on the back

Try the Champion Sports Flip-a-Score Tabletop Scorer for a simple and convenient way to keep track of the score of games. Designed with 5" numbers on bright red and blue backgrounds, this tabletop scorer offers exceptional visibility, ensuring it is easy for players, coaches, fans, and referees to see the score of the game.

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$29.95 Each