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4 Sizes & 7 ColorsMade in the USA
Pink Spotting & Training BeltTeal Spotting & Training Belt
Gymnastics Spotting & Training Belts

• A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester
• The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast
• Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to aid young gymnasts
• A must for spotting and a must for teaching gymnastics
• Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops
• Available in 4 Sizes
• Available in 7 colors

A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester. The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast. Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to assert and aid gymnastic activities. A must for spotting and a must for teaching. Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops.

Because the belt is not attaches the ceiling the student can do tricks down the mat with the teacher running beside them. A great tool to teach back-bend. spider walk, front limber, front walkover, front changing walkover, back walkover, back changing walkover, nip up, snap down back handspring, aerials and many others. You can also teach round-off back handspring with the belt. You can spot this with one spotter but two is better.

NOTE: These belts are not to be hung or attached to ceiling or above apparatus. Belts must be used with protective padding. All activities using these belts must be strictly controlled and supervised by qualified adult instructors. Belts are intended for floor spotting and low beginner beam spotting, not higher spotting. Weight limit of 150 pounds.

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$59.00 Each
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4 Colors & Sizes
Triple Threat Flag Football Belt - RedTriple Threat Flag Football Belt - Yellow
Triple Threat Flag Football Belt

Flag football is a game everyone can enjoy. The Triple Threat Flag Football Belt will be there to join in the fun — game after game. Belt attaches with break-resistant polyethylene clip. Vinyl-coated polyester flags (three), will not tear; permanently sewn onto web belt. When a player is tackled, the whole belt comes off so there are no pieces to lose. Washable belt. Sizing adjusts with slide.

  • Vinyl coated polyester flag will not tear
  • Flag size: 2 1/4"W x 14 1/2"L  
  • Heavy duty polyethylene "gator clip" 
  • Adjusting slide for sizing
  • Belt clips are color coded to indicate size
  • Specify size when ordering:
  • SMALL:    22” - 32”  RED Belt Clip
  • MEDIUM: 28” - 38”  YELLOW Belt Clip
  • LARGE:    32” - 44”  BLUE Belt Clip
  • X-LRG:     38” - 52”  GREEN Belt Clip

Limited availability due to high demand. 

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$6.75 Each
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6" to 42" Adjustable Hurdles - Set of 3
6" to 42" Adjustable Hurdles - Set of 3

• Hurdles adjust from 6"-42"
• Collapses when hit for safety
• High impact plastic cross board
• Powder coated 1" steel legs
• Set of 3

Set up a course and improve timing and speed with the Champion Sports Adjustable Training Hurdle. This lightweight durable hurdle has an adjustable height range of 6" to 42", in eleven increments so it can continue to grow with you as you advance to the next difficulty level. Great for athletes of all ages and abilities, this training hurdle collapses when hit like a safety precaution.

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$132.95 Set
2 SizesMade in the USA
Wiffle BatWiffle Bat
Wiffle Bat

• Designed for slow and limited flight.
• Perfect for kids of all ages!
• Plastic provides safety to younger players.
• This item is Latex free!
• Available in 24" or 32" lengths

Original Wiffle bats are 26% to 35% heavier than most polyethylene bats and remain straight - won't warp.

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From $4.25 Each
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6 Colors
Anodized Official Metal BatonsAnodized Official Metal Batons
Anodized Official Metal Batons

These Aluminum Relay Batons are official size and weight, and feature rolled in edges for comfort and safety. These colorful batons are easy to spot, and kids enjoy picking from the different colors. The anodized aluminum finish has no branding, which makes it perfect for any track team, and when the season is over you can use them as props for lessons including leadership dynamics and taking turns. Available in 6 colors.

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$3.49 Each
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4 Colors & 2 Sizes
Youth Three-Flag Belt - BlueYouth Three-Flag Belt - Red
Three-Flag "Belt Release" Belts

• Each belt features 3 stationary flags
• Length: 25" - 31" or 32"-39"
• Quick release clip for easy on-off
• Pack of 12
• Flags available in 4 colors

Limited availability due to high demand. 

Ideal for everything from high school gym classes to summer camp activities, this Champion Sports Triple Flag Football Set is a great way to bring safe and competitive fun to any setting. The flag football belts each feature three brightly colored stationary flags, as well as a quick release clip that makes removing the belt a snap after each game. The set of 12 flag football belts is available in a variety of brilliant colors to match your existing pinnies, uniforms or other gear.

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From $38.95 Dozen
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Pro Goalie Mask - White
MYLEC Pro Goalie Mask - White

Traditional goalie face protection with wrap-around design and back skull plate. Adjustable straps . Can be painted and personalized. 12 x 8.75 x 7 inches.

  • DESIGNED FOR STREET HOCKEY: These street hockey masks are designed specifically for street hockey and offer superior protection in a streamlined design. In contrast, the lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear and easy to see, with the bonus of ventilation holes that reduce fogging and sweating.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Adjustable straps allow for a great and secure fit. With the design of our quick-snap elastic straps, you can adjust this hockey mask to fit virtually any adult head size. With its sturdy design, this goalie mask will keep its shape even through the most challenging games.
  • DURABLE & SAFE: This hockey mask features high-impact plastic construction, designed to shield your face in all conditions, making it highly durable and comfortable for the goalie.
  • MODERN SLEEK LOOK: With its modern and sleek design, it’s a mask that you can wear with confidence even in the summer heat.
  • CONFIDENCE WITH COMFORT: This hockey gear is the perfect match for a young goalies leveling up their skills. The broad, clear vision gives them a great view of the whole area to focus on their game

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$27.95 Each
5 Colors & 2 Sizes
Sonic Flag-A-Tag Set of 12 - 42 inch - ScarletGold Sonic Flag-A-Tag Set
Flag-a-Tag® Sonic Flag Belts

Engage students in a game of flag football by equipping them with the FLAG-A-TAG® Sonic Flag Football Belts. Observe from the sidelines as players race to catch their opponent, reaching for the two flags located on each belt. You'll hear a loud pop when a flag is pulled off, thanks to the belts' release system, so it's easy to make accurate calls. Streaming 17.25 in. long from the belt, the flags are easy for students to identify as they move across the field, and adjustments can be made quickly with the small buckle.

• 17.25 in. x 2 in. flags hang from the belt for easy pulling
• Available in a variety of colors for differentiating between teams
• Buckle allows for simple adjustments to find a snug, secure fit
• Release system produces a loud popping noise to signal when a flag is removed

Featuring Flag-A-Tag’s patented release system
Sonic belts emit an audible "pop" to signal the play is dead
Built for institutional use
Flag size: 2"W x 17-1/4"L
Sold by dozen per size/color
Available in 2 sizes and 5 colors.

Limited availability due to high demand. 

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$112.95 Dozen
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3 Colors
Gill S2 Starting BlockGill S2 Starting Block
Gill S2 Starting Block

Designed to give teams the lead before the race even starts, the Gill S2 Starting Block's extra tall 8" pedals give the sprinter the advantage at the line. Gill's 3 colored pad options allow the school to increase their pride and presence on the track.

  • Polished steel rail
  • 8" tall cast aluminum pedals
  • Pedals adjust to 45°, 55°, 65°, 75°
  • Includes 1/2" needle spikes for synthetic tracks
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA Specifications

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$197.50 Each
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Made in the USA
Big Red Volleyball Scorebook
Big Red Volleyball Scorebook

• Rally scoring
• Libero player
• Season summary
• 23 matches
• 18 players
• 9.25” x 12”

Coaches love these scorebooks! The simple design allows ample space for notations. 23 match, 18 player volleyball comes with rally scoring

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$9.95 Each
6 Colors
Deluxe Plastic BatonsDeluxe Plastic Batons
Deluxe Plastic Batons

The Champion Sports Plastic Relay Batons are perfect for youth relay races! Made of durable plastic, these batons can withstand being dropped during pass-offs. 1.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches long.Available in 6 colors.

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$1.25 Each
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4 Colors
36" Cosom Colored Hockey Stick36" Cosom Colored Hockey Stick - Blue
36" Cosom Colored Hockey Stick

The most widely used floor hockey stick for Elementary Physical Education and Recreation Programs, featured in tournaments throughout the United States and Canada.

For grades 4-6, this is an elementary length stick with standard blade for phys ed classes features an all polyethylene shaft and a blade that won't mar gym floors.

Available in 4 colors.

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$14.95 Each
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2 Sizes & 5 Colors
Sonic Boom Flag BeltsSonic Boom Flag Belts
Sonic Boom Flag Belts

• Plastic, vinyl
• Set of twelve adjustable belts
• Featuring Flag-A-Tag® patented release system
• Emits an audible "pop" sound when properly disconnected
• Flag size: 17"L x 2"W
• 42" or 52" Belts
• Available in 5 colors

Get ready to "crank up" your flag football game with the Champion Sports Flag-A-Tag® Sonic Boom Flag Belts! Flag-A-Tag® patented release system causes sonic belts to emit an audible "boom" signaling that the play is dead. Recommended by the NFL for youth programs, they are portable, adjustable and durable. Great for ages 4 and up.

Limited availability due to high demand. 

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$72.50 Dozen
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Mark V Basketball Scorebook
Mark V Basketball Scorebook

The standard for scoring basketball competition at all levels. 8 1/2" x 11", wire bound w/hard back. Packed 48/Case. 30 games, score to 136. 15 player roster, with space for field goals, free throws & technical fouls, and 10 team fouls per half. Full page of scoring instructions.

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$7.95 Each
Soft-Foam Hockey StickSoft-Foam Hockey Stick
Soft-Foam Hockey Stick

• 30"L lightweight plastic shaft with contoured handle for comfortable grip
• Indestructible Rhino Skin®: coating for added comfort and durability
• Lightweight and soft foam blade prevents injury to players when hit by sticks

The head is made of durable coated foam and the shaft is made of long lasting poly material. NOTE: All participants must wear protective eyewear and be supervised.

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$14.95 Each
28" Lightweight Plastic Bat28" Lightweight Plastic Bat
28" Lightweight Plastic Bat

• Durable plastic construction helps the bat last through season after season of everyday use
• Solid plastic bat is a lighter and safer alternative to wood and aluminum
• Molded handle for a tight grip
• 28"
• Black

Designed for athletes of all ages, this 28 Inch Solid Lightweight Plastic Bat is a safer and more economical alternative to heavy wooden and aluminum bats. The plastic baseball bat features a molded handle to help players grip the bat firmly as they swing for the fences. The bat comes in classic black and is made from a durable plastic that can endure powerful hits.

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$3.95 Each
Box-A-Pucks - Box of 24 Pucks

Box of 24 or 48 orange polyethylene pucks. These hollow pucks are 2 3/4" diameter and offer fast action hockey shots. Save 22% over price of pucks sold in eaches.

Perfect for floor hockey games, these Hockey Pucks are made out of lightweight plastic, making them easy for players of all ages to shoot and pass while also preventing injury when players block shots or goalies make saves. The bright orange color makes it easy for all players and coaches to see the puck.

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Spalding High-Bounce Ball
Spalding High-Bounce Ball

• 2 1/4" in diameter
• An all purpose rubber play ball
• Use for catch, running bases, stickball, and many other games.

The classic ''Spaldeen'' is an all-purpose play ball that is great for stick-ball, stoop ball, paddle games, throwing, catching, bouncing, and more!

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$2.25 Each
Made in the USA
Starter's Sleeve - Yellow
Starter's Sleeve - Yellow

A starter using a starter sleeve is great way to add another visual aide to draw the attention of the runners. This economical sleeve is a valuable addition to your track equipment at a low-budget price. Allows everybody to easily see the starter's raised arm. Made of durable nylon vinyl to assure a lifetime of hard use. Bright sun yellow color offers greatest visibility.

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$13.95 Each
4 Colors
Economy Flag Football Set of 12Economy Flag Football Set of 12
Economy Flag Football Set of 12

• Durable 1" belt
• Each belt features 2 Velcro® flags that are easy to attach and pull off
• One size fits all
• Pack of 12
• Available in 4 colors

Get all the excitement of a football game without tackling when you use this blue Economy Flag Football Set. Great for kids and adults alike, the belt is one size fits all. Sold in packs of twelve, each of these flag football belts features two blue Velcro® flags that can be pulled off and reattached easily, for safe and competitive play.

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$24.95 Dozen
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Official Iron Shot
Official Iron Shot

Train like a champion with our weight accurate Champion Sports Shot Put. This all iron shot put is intended for training and made to last.

The 6 lb shot put is designed for male and female youth level practice.
The 8 lb shot put is designed for women’s high school or male junior level practice.
The 4 kg shot put is designed for women’s high school or male junior level practice.
The 12 lb shot put is designed for male high school level practice.
The 16 lb shot put is designed for male college level practice.

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From $32.95 Each
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Ground Zero 1" Onside Kick-Off Tee
Ground Zero 1" Onside Kick-Off Tee

• 1" Onside Kickoff Tee
• Authentic Ground Zero Tee
• Most popular tee in college football
• The textured top surface, makes gripping the ball more securely
• Forward rectangular recess holds the ball at an optimal angle
• Special notch supports the ball with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks

Add more variety to your kicker's arsenal with the Ground Zero® 1" Onside Kick-Off Tee. The durable kicking tee has a special notch that allows kickers to support the football with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks. The textured top surface holds the football securely in place, while a forward rectangular recess sets it up at an optimal angle. The onside kick-off tee is based on the original Ground Zero® Tee which has been used in the NFL® since 2000 and has been featured in Super Bowls® and Pro Bowls® .

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$13.95 Each
Course Flags w/ 84" Posts
Course Flag w/ 84" Post

16.5" x 16" course flag on an 84" pole. Pole diameter is 5/8". Flags available in red, yellow or blue.

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$18.95 Each
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3 Sizes
Jump Soles
Jump Soles

• Versatile high-density rubber platforms
• Stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles
• Develops muscle resiliency vital to explosive leg power
• Run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker
• Simple hook and loop strap on
• Includes detailed training manual and video

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular plyometrics frontal training platforms which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds.

Versatile high-density rubber platforms work to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Developing muscle resiliency in the area is vital to explosive leg power. Jump Soles will blast your lower legs like nothing else you've ever tried. After training with Jump Soles, you'll run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker. Simple hook and loop strap on. Also includes detailed training manual and video.

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$159.95 Pair
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