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Speedminton Fun Set
Speedminton Fun Set

The Speedminton FUN set provides ultimate fun for family and friends and can be played anytime and anywhere - no net, no court, no special equipment necessary. The centerpiece is the newly developed HELI Speeder - Made in Germany. Through its rotating properties you can play on short distances. Besides the beach and the park you can now also speed in your own garden. Play in the dark with Speedlights. Set includes 2 Speedminton FUN rackets, 2 HELI Speeders, and 2 Speedlights.

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Speedminton Jr. Set
Speedminton Jr. Set

The perfect set to teach kids how to play Speed Badminton! This set includes two shorter isometric shaped junior rackets and a 2 FUN Speeder Tube. The two junior rackets are made of aluminum and weigh only 160 grams which meets children's needs perfectly. In addition, these rackets have a short racket shaft, which makes it easy to handle, and have an isometric racket head, increasing the hitting surface (sweet spot) off the racket. The FUN Speeder allows beginners to play successfully and enjoy the game right from the start. Includes: 2 S-JR aluminum rackets, 2 FUN Speeder, 1 Set bag with shoulder strap, and 1 Speedminton booklet.

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Speedminton Match Speeders - 3 PackSpeedminton Match Speeders - 3 Pack
Speedminton Match Speeders - 3 Pack

• Speeder for advanced players and for long distances
• Top Speed: up to 180mph
• Distance: 30ft to 100ft
• The official ICO-competition Speeder™
• Used by all competitive players
• Each tube includes 3 Match Speeders and 1 wind ring

The MATCH Speeder™ is the official tournament shuttle of the International Crossminton Organization (ICO) and used by all competitive players. Due to its weight the Speeder™ is very fast and guarantees spectacular rallies.Compared to conventional shuttlecocks the Speeder™ is smaller and heavier. This allows a game over long distances, regardless of wind and weather. The Speeder™ from Speedminton® are exclusively produced in Germany using only high-tech synthetic recyclable materials from Switzerland making it environmentally friendly. Each tube includes 3 Match Speeders and 1 wind ring. NOTE: Color/Graphics may vary.

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