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11 Sizes/Weights
Rhino Promax Medicine BallsRhino Promax Medicine Balls
Rhino Promax Medicine Balls

Get an intense workout with these RHINO® Promax Medicine Balls. Use these medicine balls for throwing, catching and more while exercising to improve strength and cardio. This softshell medicine ball features a synthetic leather cover for added comfort and grip. The RHINO Skin® shell offers exceptional durability to withstand extreme workout routines without ever losing its shape or weight balance.


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5 Weights
Synthetic Leather Medicine BallsSynthetic Leather Medicine Balls
Synthetic Leather Medicine Balls

• Thick synthetic leather cover offers maximum grip and control
• Leather cover and stitching provide exceptional durability
• Will stand up to extreme exercises
• Will last a long time and stand up to extreme exercises
• Great for cross training to improve strength, flexibility and cardio for any sport
• Available in 5 Sizes/Weights
  - 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) 6.17" - Red/White
  - 3 kg (6.61 lbs.) 7.79" - Yellow/White
  - 4 kg (9-10 lbs.) 7.79" - Blue/White
  - 5 kg (11.02 lbs.) 7.98" - Orange/White
  - 7 kg (15.43 lbs.) 8.37" - Green/White

Designed for maximum grip while exercising, these Leather Medicine Balls are made from a thick synthetic leather cover that is easy to control during your workout. As well, the leather cover and stitching on this medicine ball offer exceptional durability standing up to extreme exercises and cross training routines to improve cardio and strength.

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11 Sizes/Weights
Rhino Promax Elite  Medicine BallsRhino Promax Elite  Medicine Balls
Rhino Promax Elite Medicine Balls

Get an intense workout with the Champion Sports RHINO® Promax Elite medicine ball. It features a soft shell construction that allows for a consistent shape and weight for use with functional training. Tacky vinyl surface and design. Each ball is 14” D for parallel exercise movement. Reinforced seam construction. Great for consistent cardio or strength training workouts at all intensity levels and for parallel exercise movement. The RHINO® Promax Elite is perfect for a large variety of exercises performed by athletes of all types!


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5 Sizes/Weights
Gel Filled Medicine Balls2 lbs Gel Filled Medicine Ball
Gel Filled Medicine Balls

• Soft, pliable exterior for easy throwing and catching
• Exceptional bounce designed for cardio training with a partner or use with a rebounder
• Roto-molded vinyl shell offers exceptional durability
• Rhino® gel offers a consistent weight while remaining soft
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Available in 5 sizes
   2 lbs - 5" Red
   4 lbs - 6" Blue
   7 lbs - 7" Green
   11 lbs - 8.5" Purple
   15 lbs - 10" Orange

This Gel Filled Medicine Ball is great for cardio training or use with a rebounder. With a soft, pliable textured exterior, this medicine ball is easy and comfortable to catch and throw, making it a great choice for training with a partner or a rebounder. As well, the molded vinyl shell offers superior durability, ensuring this gel -filled medicine ball can hold up to the regular wear-and-tear that comes from use in gyms and fitness classes.

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6 Weights
Rubber Medicine BallsRubber Medicine Ball - 2kg (Red)
Rubber Medicine Balls

• Durable, all-rubber construction
• Hollow air-filled core offers consistent weight and shape
• Channeled and textured surface provides increased grip and control during workout routine
• Available in 6 sizes:
   - 2 kg (4 lbs.) 7.68” - Red
   - 3 kg (6 lbs.) 8.66” - Yellow
   - 4 kg (8 lbs.) 8.66” - Blue
   - 5 kg (10 lbs.) 9.40” - Orange
   - 6 kg (12 lbs.) 9.40” - Black
   - 7 kg (16 lbs.) 9.40” - Green

For a wide variety of workout routines and individual exercises, try one of these Rubber Medicine Balls. Designed for exceptional durability, these all-rubber medicine balls with a hollow air-filled core are sure to maintain their weight and shape after consistent use in the gym or at home. The textured surface offers increased grip and control. Available in 6 sizes/weights/colors.

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Medicine Ball Tree Rack - Double
Medicine Ball Tree Rack - Double

Holds up to 10 medicine balls. Some assembly required. Balls not included. 22.5"L x 11"W x 52"H.

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$103.95 Each
Medicine Ball Tree Rack - SingleMedicine Ball Tree Rack - Single
Medicine Ball Tree Rack - Single

• Made of high strength steel tubing
• Narrow design allows rack to fit almost anywhere
• Holds up to 5 medicine balls – medicine balls sold separately
• Some assembly required
• Balls not included
• 14"L x 11"W x 52"H.

With a slim design and sturdy floor base, the Champion Sports Single Medicine Ball Tree can fit almost anywhere in your gym or workout space. Featuring a vertical design made of strong steel tubing, this medicine ball tree holds up to five medicine balls of any size.

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10" Rubber Power Medicine Ball - 18 lbs
10" Rubber Power Medicine Ball - 18 lbs

Durable weather-resistant all-rubber. The synthetic rubber shell and hollow construction of these balls allows them to bounce. Throw indoors and out.

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$56.95 Each $76.95 Each