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21" Aluminum Tennis Racquet
21" Aluminum Tennis Racquet

• Wide body
• 21" Aluminum frame
• Nylon strings
• Leather grip

Wolverine Sports has a variety of tennis rackets to offer, whether you're a beginner or hoping to be the next tennis champion. This midsize head tennis racket features a wide body construction, 21” aluminum frame, nylon strings, and a leather grip.

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$23.95 Each
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23" Wilson Tennis Racket23" Wilson Tennis Racket
23" Wilson Tennis Racket

Strong beam alloy lightweight racket with oversize hitting area. Ages 8 and under.

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$18.95 Each $21.95 Each
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25" Wilson Tennis Racket25" Wilson Tennis Racket
25" Wilson Tennis Racket

WILSON Federer 25" Racket features Volcanic frame Technology for power and stability. Titanium Alloy for lightweight strength. Larger sweetspot. Frame stabilizers for improved control. 105" oversize head. Average weight 7.6 oz. 3 7/8" grip .

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$18.95 Each $21.95 Each