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Extra Baseball Base StrapExtra Baseball Base Strap
Extra Baseball Base Strap

• Nylon base strap for attaching base to the ground
• Heavy-duty design is sure to hold up to outdoor weather conditions
• Easy and convenient clips for attaching straps
• Keep an extra set handy to ensure your bases stay attached to the ground
• Sold individually
• White

Made from heavy-duty nylon, the nylon Base Strap is designed to keep your bases attached to the ground. This strap is sure to hold up to rain, mud and movement by runners. As well, the clips make the strap easy and convenient to attach. Keep an extra set handy to ensure your bases stay attached to the ground.

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$3.95 Each
Home Plate ExtensionHome Plate Extension with Home Plate
Home Plate Extension

• The 24" molded rubber base is durable in outdoor weather conditions
• Won't damage gym floors
• Offers extended strike zone to reduce umpire errors
• The flat top makes plate smooth and safe for sliding into home
• Will not interfere with the runner or catcher

Extend your strike zone of any softball diamond with the Home Plate Extension. Designed to reduce umpire errors in calling strikes and balls, the home plate extension is a great improvement to any league, and is even a requirement of many slow-pitch games. The flat top makes it safe for sliding as it will not interfere with runners or catchers during gameplay. Home Plate not included (Order BS006P or BS007P)

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$9.95 Each
Waffle Bottom Rubber Base
Waffle Bottom Rubber Base

• White molded rubber base is durable through regular gameplay
• Beveled edges will not catch on runners, protecting players from tripping
• Waffle design on bottom creates suction with gym floor for secure fit
• Waffle design prevent floor damage
• White

Perfect for indoor use in school gyms and recreation centers, the Throw Down Waffle Bottom Base has a suction bottom to stick to the floor, preventing the base from sliding upon impact with the runner and damaging the floor. the beveled edges of the base won't catch on runners as they sprint by, protecting players from tripping and falling.

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$9.95 Each