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Made in the USA
26" Wall-Mount Bat Rack
26" Wall-Mount Bat Rack

Holds 12 bats of any size or type. Durable rack is made of steel and has angled hooks to prevent bats from falling off. Bat rack is 26" long.

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$52.50 Each
Made in the USA
12 Bat Fence Rack
12 Bat Fence Rack

An economical steel bat rack that mounts to and removes easily from chain link fences. Team can "hang" 12 bats to keep them off the ground and out of the way. Bat rack is 26" long.

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$41.95 Each
Combo Bat/Helmet Fence BagCombo Bat/Helmet Fence Bag
Combo Bat/Helmet Fence Bag

• Bat and helmet carrying case holds up to 6 baseball bats and 6 helmets
• Rolls into a convenient size for easy travel and organization
• Easily mounts to hooks in the dugout or on the fence for easy access to bats
• 36" x 20" x 11" (unfolded)

Keep dugouts clean and clutter-free with the Champion Sports Combo Bat & Helmet Fence Bag. Designed to hold up to six helmets and six baseball bats, this combo baseball bag also easily mounts to hooks in the dugout or on fences for added convenience. For travel, this bag rolls up into a small size to make it as easy as possible.

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$54.50 Each
Helmet CaddyEmpty Helmet Caddy
Helmet Caddy

• Holds 8 helmets separated into individual pockets for easy storage
• Durable heavy-duty reinforced vinyl with mesh backing is sure to last
• Easily mounts to hooks in the dugout or on the fence for convenient access
• 32" x 52" (unfolded)

Designed to accommodate up to eight helmets, the Champion Sports Helmet Caddy separates helmets into individual pockets for easy storage. Made from heavy-duty reinforced vinyl, this helmet bag is durable and lightweight. The hooks easily mount to chain fences, making this bag great for keeping the dugout organized during play and providing quick access on the way to the plate.

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$30.95 Each
Bat CaddyBat Caddy
Bat Caddy

• Bat caddy can hold up to 12 baseball bats
• Heavy-duty reinforced nylon with polyester mesh backing
• Made to withstand the weight of bats and weather conditions
• Attaches to chain link fence for convenient outdoor play and easy access to bats
• 42" x 52" (unfolded)
• Black

Keep your team's bats organized with the Bat Caddy. Designed to hold up to 12 bats and attach to a chain link fence, this bat caddy is convenient for baseball games and practices. Made from heavy-duty reinforced nylon with a polyester mesh backing, this caddy is sure to hold up to regular use and transportation under the weight of multiple bats.

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$33.95 Each