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Wiffle BatWiffle Bat
Wiffle Bat

• Designed for slow and limited flight.
• Perfect for kids of all ages!
• Plastic provides safety to younger players.
• This item is Latex free!
• Available in 24" or 32" lengths

Original Wiffle bats are 26% to 35% heavier than most polyethylene bats and remain straight - won't warp.

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31" Lightweight Plastic Bat31" Lightweight Plastic Bat
31" Lightweight Plastic Bat

• Durable plastic construction helps the bat last through season after season of everyday use
• Solid plastic bat is a lighter and safer alternative to wood and aluminum
• Molded handle for a tight grip
• 31"
• Black

Designed for athletes of all ages, this 31 Inch Solid Lightweight Plastic Bat is a safer and more economical alternative to heavy wooden and aluminum bats. The plastic baseball bat features a molded handle to help players grip the bat firmly as they swing for the fences. The bat comes in classic black and is made from a durable plastic that can endure powerful hits.

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Waffle Bottom Rubber Base
Waffle Bottom Rubber Base

• White molded rubber base is durable through regular gameplay
• Beveled edges will not catch on runners, protecting players from tripping
• Waffle design on bottom creates suction with gym floor for secure fit
• Waffle design prevent floor damage
• White

Perfect for indoor use in school gyms and recreation centers, the Throw Down Waffle Bottom Base has a suction bottom to stick to the floor, preventing the base from sliding upon impact with the runner and damaging the floor. the beveled edges of the base won't catch on runners as they sprint by, protecting players from tripping and falling.

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$9.95 Each
30" Bottle Barrel Plastic Bat
30" Bottle Barrel Plastic Bat

• Strongest hollow plastic bat on the market
• Lightweight design is perfect for all age groups
• Bottle shape barrel for best surface contact
• Molded handle for a tight grip
• Size: 30"
• Blue

The strongest hollow plastic bat on the market. This hollow plastic bat has an ultra-lightweight design that is easy for children to swing, carry and control. Made with a bottle-shaped barrel for better surface contact, this plastic baseball bat has a molded handle to help players form a tight grip. It's a great first bat for beginners to build confidence or for a quick pick up game of baseball anywhere.

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$5.20 Each
30" Super Bat
30" Super Bat

• Weighted, high-density polyethylene construction
• 100% cotton-taped handle is simple to wipe down after practice
• Ideal for use by youth players in training practices thanks to the 30 in. long size

Children can swing away at pitched balls with help from the Cramer® Super Bat Polyethylene Bat. The weighted, high-density design is great for teaching young players who are just beginning to learn the games of baseball and softball or for designing relay races in gym classes. With the cotton-taped handles, these bats are easy to clean, maintaining safe sanitary standards.

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$7.95 Each
Extra Baseball Base Spike
Extra Baseball Base Spike

• Base spike to attach base to ground
• Steel design is strong enough to pierce ground
• Hooked design makes it easy to remove from ground after the game
• Keep extra spikes handy to ensure your bases are always set up properly
• Silver
• Sold in eaches

Keep your bases attached to the ground with these Base Spikes. Made from heavy-duty steel, these base spikes are weather-resistant and sure to keep your bases in place wherever you decide to play. Keep extra spikes handy so your bases are always secured. Sold in eaches.

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9" Wilson Baseball Glove - Right Handed
9" Wilson Baseball Glove - Right Handed

9” Super Soft leather. H web. Fits left hand. For ages 3 to 5.

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