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6 ColorsMade in the USA
Miniature Golf PuttersMiniature Golf Putter - Black
Miniature Golf Putters

• Length: 29", 32", or 37"
• Available in Black,Blue,Red,Yellow,Green, and Orange
• Extremely durable colored putter
• Tempered step chrome shaft
• No punch-thru grip
• Space age urethane head
• Outwears other non-metal clubs
• Also reduces marks and damage to surfaces

This mini-golf putter is extremely durable with a tempered step chrome shaft, no punch-thru grip, and a space age urethane head that is softer yet it outwears other non-metal clubs. Also reduces marks and damage to surfaces.

Suggested Sizes
37" - Men
32" - Women
29" - Junior (Age 10-12)

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$21.95 Each
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4 Sizes & 7 ColorsMade in the USA
Pink Spotting & Training BeltTeal Spotting & Training Belt
Gymnastics Spotting & Training Belts

• A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester
• The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast
• Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to aid young gymnasts
• A must for spotting and a must for teaching gymnastics
• Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops
• Available in 4 Sizes
• Available in 7 colors

A 640D nylon belt over a foam rubber case and covered with 640D nylon-polyester. The lines have hooks for easy holding and control of the gymnast. Heavy-weight D-rings and swivel clips make it easy to assert and aid gymnastic activities. A must for spotting and a must for teaching. Nylon guide lines on each side are 5 feet long with grip loops.

Because the belt is not attaches the ceiling the student can do tricks down the mat with the teacher running beside them. A great tool to teach back-bend. spider walk, front limber, front walkover, front changing walkover, back walkover, back changing walkover, nip up, snap down back handspring, aerials and many others. You can also teach round-off back handspring with the belt. You can spot this with one spotter but two is better.

NOTE: These belts are not to be hung or attached to ceiling or above apparatus. Belts must be used with protective padding. All activities using these belts must be strictly controlled and supervised by qualified adult instructors. Belts are intended for floor spotting and low beginner beam spotting, not higher spotting. Weight limit of 150 pounds.

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$59.00 Each
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NFHS Approved
The Rock Composite Basketball
The Rock Composite Basketball

• The Rock
• Composite Leather Cover
• C2C (Core 2 Cover) Technology
• Double-ply Nylon wound bladder
• Deep Pebble channel design
• Extreme scuff resistant exterior
• Indoor use
• NFHS approved

Rated the best indoor basketball by Hoopsfiend (tied with Spalding Precision basketball)

The Result of 25 years of technology advancement! These balls feel and play like leather, have a super tacky feel and deep pebble channel construction for a better grip on the ball. Reinforced double ply butyl bladder. 100% nylon wound. Patented sponge rubber carcass layer for extreme softness and handling. Covers are premium grade, scuff resistant, composite material for superior durability.

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$55.95 Each
4 Colors & Sizes
Triple Threat Flag Football Belt - RedTriple Threat Flag Football Belt - Yellow
Triple Threat Flag Football Belt

Flag football is a game everyone can enjoy. The Triple Threat Flag Football Belt will be there to join in the fun — game after game. Belt attaches with break-resistant polyethylene clip. Vinyl-coated polyester flags (three), will not tear; permanently sewn onto web belt. When a player is tackled, the whole belt comes off so there are no pieces to lose. Washable belt. Sizing adjusts with slide.

  • Vinyl coated polyester flag will not tear
  • Flag size: 2 1/4"W x 14 1/2"L  
  • Heavy duty polyethylene "gator clip" 
  • Adjusting slide for sizing
  • Belt clips are color coded to indicate size
  • Specify size when ordering:
  • SMALL:    22” - 32”  RED Belt Clip
  • MEDIUM: 28” - 38”  YELLOW Belt Clip
  • LARGE:    32” - 44”  BLUE Belt Clip
  • X-LRG:     38” - 52”  GREEN Belt Clip

Limited availability due to high demand. 

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$6.75 Each
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Made in the USA
Adult Weighted Waist Belts
Weighted Waist Belts

- Fine Shot Filled for Unrivaled Comfort
- Choose from four distinct weight levels
- Perfect weight belt for conditioning and weight training
- Velcro® hook and loop fasteners
- Available in 4 weight levels and 2 sizes

Are you ready to elevate your training to new heights? These Weighted Waist Belts are meticulously crafted to empower your conditioning and weight training journey like never before. These belts aren't just accessories; they're your secret weapon to unlocking your full potential.

The precision Velcro® Hook and Loop Fasteners ensure your belt stays firmly in place during your workout, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable shifting weights. Our finely shot-filled belts provide a consistent, comfortable fit, allowing you to focus solely on your training without distractions.

Choose from four distinct weight levels from 10 to 18 lbs, allowing you to tailor your training experience to your unique needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we have the perfect weight for you.

Small - 45" long and adjust to fit 25" to 34" waists.
Large - 57" long and adjust to fit 32" to 47" waists.

Crafted with durability in mind, our Weighted Waist Belts are designed to withstand your most rigorous workouts, ensuring they'll be your trusted training companion for years to come. Ideal for All Sports: Whether you're in the training room, on the field, or in the gym, these belts are your versatile ally, suitable for athletes and enthusiasts across all sports and disciplines.

🚫 Not for Aquatic Use: While these belts are engineered for exceptional performance, they're not designed for underwater workouts. Keep them dry and ready for action!

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6" to 42" Adjustable Hurdles - Set of 3
6" to 42" Adjustable Hurdles - Set of 3

• Hurdles adjust from 6"-42"
• Collapses when hit for safety
• High impact plastic cross board
• Powder coated 1" steel legs
• Set of 3

Set up a course and improve timing and speed with the Champion Sports Adjustable Training Hurdle. This lightweight durable hurdle has an adjustable height range of 6" to 42", in eleven increments so it can continue to grow with you as you advance to the next difficulty level. Great for athletes of all ages and abilities, this training hurdle collapses when hit like a safety precaution.

Replacement cross boards available HERE

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$132.95 Set
8 Colors & 2 SizesSave 7%
Mesh Vest - RedMesh Vest - Yellow
Mesh Vests

• 100% Nylon micro mesh fabric
• Lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear throughout a game
• Reinforced neck and armholes offer greater durability
• Comfortable fit and ease to take on and off during play
• Elastic bottom allows these sports vests to fit players of all sizes
• Comes in Youth or Adult sizes
• Available in 8 Colors

These Scrimmage Vests are made from a lightweight and breathable nylon mesh, which offers exceptional comfort during intense gameplay. These scrimmage vests are reinforced at the neck, armholes and bottom for greater resistance to wear and tear. Large openings at the neck and armholes make them easy to pull on and off, and the elastic bottom allows these sports vests to fit players of all sizes.

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$3.50 Each $3.75 Each
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5 Sizes
Plastic Segmented Jump Ropes8 foot Segmented Jump Rope
Plastic Segmented Jump Ropes

• Segmented Jump Rope
• Fun recreational or P.E. activity for kids
• Great cardiovascular and fitness benefits for adults
• Plastic segments over heavy-duty nylon rope
• Size: 7', 8', 9', 10' or 16' Long
• Color: Red/White

Segmented Jump Ropes provide a fun recreational or P.E. activity for kids, and great cardiovascular and fitness benefits for adults! The sound of the beads hitting the floor helps teach rhythm, and these ropes are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate all jumpers.

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From $2.75 Each
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3 Sizes & 7 Colors
Vinyl Floor Marking TapeVinyl Floor Marking Tape - 1/2" x 36 yards - Yellow
Vinyl Floor Marking Tape

Vinyl Floor Marking Tape is perfect for marking your gym floors, courts, or any hard smooth surface. Made of tough vinyl, this floor tape comes off clean and won’t scuff your floors, but is strong enough to hold up to foot traffic and equipment. This tough vinyl tape is the thrifty answer for marking floors WITHOUT PAINTING. You can put it down easily in straight lines or in a curve. Available in 3 sizes and 7 colors.

WARNING: Tape should not be used on recently finished floors. It is also necessary to consult a floor finishing expert before using tape on your floor in order to assess risk to floor. In addition, you should test tape on a small portion of your floor before applying any tape. 

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From $1.65 Roll
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Made in the USA
Wiffle Ball
Wiffle Ball

• Wiffle Ball Inc.
• Heat sealed injection molded uniform wall thickness.
• Ball will return to shape when hit or compressed.
• Softer and safer
• 9" or 12" Circumference
• Made in the USA

This original Wiffle balls are made in the USA and features heat sealed injection molded uniform wall thickness. Ball will return to shape when hit or compressed. Softer and safer than standard baseballs and softballs.

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From $1.49 Each
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Deluxe Striped BeachballDeluxe Striped Beachball
Deluxe Striped Beachball

• Thicker skin than an ordinary beach ball
• 20” Diameter
• Multi-colored

The multi-colored stripes provide an eye-tracking aid. In addition to the colorful design, it has a thicker skin than ordinary beach balls allowing for a longer life. 20" diameter. (Size is measured from top of inflated ball to the bottom [half circumference].

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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$5.95 Each
Original Flying Turtle ScooterOriginal Flying Turtle Scooter
Original Flying Turtle Scooter

This exciting ride-on toy skates so smoothly along on hard surfaces you won't believe there is no motor, no battery, no pedaling! Sit on the heavy-duty molded seat, put your feet on the bar, and simply swing the handlebars side to side. You're off and rolling! So compactly built, it turns on its own radius. Sturdy steel construction provides incredible indoor/outdoor family fun for ages 3 to 12.


• Invite your friends to race, ride and relay at only 2 inches off the ground.
• Bumper wheels on the handlebars protect your riding surface
• Rams-horn Handlebars keep hands safe from contact with walls or other scooters.
• No Motor! No Batteries! No Pedaling!
• Indoors and out - Turtles go where you go

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$119.95 Each
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Seiko s950c Thermal Paper - 5 Rolls
Seiko s950c Thermal Paper - 5 Rolls

• Seiko S950 thermal paper
• For use with Seiko 300 Memory Stopwatch/Printer (TL050P).Thermal paper for
• 5 rolls per box
• Each roll is 80 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and prints 520 lines

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$12.50 Pack
3 Sizes & 6 ColorsMade in the USA
Heavy-Duty Colored ConesHeavy-Duty Colored Cones
Heavy-Duty Colored Cones

• Made with 100% PVC polyvinyl chloride (contains no phthalates)
• Conical and top of base is one continuous layer
• Brilliant color with UV inhibitors for resistance to fading
• Good visibility under all weather condition
• Wide body design ensures stability
• Able to return to their original shape after impact
• Will not mar floors.
• Use as a traffic cone, or for hundreds of phys ed activities
• Available in 3 size
   6" high with 6" square base
   12" high with 8.25" square base
   18" high with 10.75" square base

These colorful cones are constructed of tough weatherproof flexible vinyl. Non-porous, dirt-resistant surface can be easily cleaned. Will not mar floors. Virtually indestructible. Will collapse under pressure then spring back into shape. Easy stacking. Can be used for lane markers, crowd control, obstacle courses, boundary markers, marking danger areas, repair areas and driver training.

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2 SizesMade in the USA
Wiffle BatWiffle Bat
Wiffle Bat

• Designed for slow and limited flight.
• Perfect for kids of all ages!
• Plastic provides safety to younger players.
• This item is Latex free!
• Available in 24" or 32" lengths

Original Wiffle bats are 26% to 35% heavier than most polyethylene bats and remain straight - won't warp.

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From $4.25 Each
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Burlap Potato Sacks - 22" x 36" (7 oz.) - Burlap Potato Sacks
Burlap Potato Sacks

• Great fun for schools, camps, recreation programs, church outings, etc.
• Develop motor skills and coordination
• Heavyweight burlap for durability
• Bags are available in 3 size
   22" wide x 36" high - Single 7 oz.
   24" wide x 40" high - Single 10 oz. 
   48" wide x 40" high - Double 10 oz.

The sack race or gunny sack race is a competitive game in which participants place both of their legs inside a sack or pillow case that reaches their waist or neck and jump forward from a starting point toward a finish line. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the race. Great fun for students, individuals, schools, camps or church outings. These durable burlap sacks help to develop motor skills and coordination.

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From $4.95 Each
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2 SizesNo Free Shipping
Basic Hoops (Dozen)Basic Hoops (Dozen)
Basic Hoops (Dozen)

• Designed to teach grace and rhythm in dance and gymnastic classes
• Also fun for recreational play or for use as markers and targets
• Available in 32 sizes
• Dozens (2 each in blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and orange)

24 and 30 inch hoops designed to teach grace and rhythm in dance and gymnastic classes. Also fun for recreational play or for use as markers and targets. Basic Hoops are a good choice for extra-tight budgets, when large quantities may be needed, or when hoops are going to undergo light use by the early grades. Sold in dozens; 2 each in blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and orange.
NOTE: Not eligible for Free Shipping.

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From $62.95 Dozen
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Economy LanyardsBlack  economy lanyard
Economy Lanyards

Athletic coaches, simplify your training sessions and games with our versatile Econo Lanyard. This lanyard features a metal J-hook for quick and easy attachment of various coaching tools, ensuring you have quick access to your essentials, whether it's a stopwatch, whistle, or keys. Its durable design is perfect for sports events and practices, providing an affordable and long-lasting solution to keep you organized and ready to lead your team to victory. Available in 10 colors.

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$0.79 Each
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Champion Sports Rubber Basketballs - Junior 27.5 - Size 5 - OrangeChampion Sports Rubber Basketballs - Junior 27.5 - Size 5 - Yellow
Champion Sports Rubber Basketballs

• Champion Sports
• Rubber Cover
• 2-ply butyl bladder
• Indoor/Outdoor use
• Size 5 (27.5) - Junior - Ages 9-11
• Size 6 (28.5) - Intermediate - Boys ages 12-14, Girls ages 12 and up
• Size 7 (29.5) - Official -Ages 15 and up

Built with a composition rubber cover, this pro-style basketball has a heavy-duty construction that will stand up to frequent use on indoor or outdoor courts. The nylon wound 2-ply butyl bladder offers exceptional air retention, so you can spend more time playing and less time inflating the ball.

The Champion Sports Official Size Pro Rubber Basketball is an official size game ball for recreational or competitive play.

The Intermediate Rubber Basketball is a good choice for junior players and is also the official size for women's high school, college and pro basketball.

The Junior size ball is significantly lighter than an official league basketball and much easier for small hands to grip and control.

Note: Ball graphics may vary.

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$9.50 Each
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Fox 40 Electronic Whistle
Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

• Utilizes a push button, which offers a hygienic solution for multiple operators
• Provides a loud, clear and consistent sound every time
• Give verbal commands without a whistle in user's mouth
• Three distinct tones that can be aimed in specific directions

Loud, consistent sound every time! Electronic whistles make it easier for referees and coaches to give verbal commands without a Whistle in their mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice. The 125 dB Fox 40 Electronic Whistle provides loud, clear, consistent sound every time you push a button. The hand operation is a hygienic solution that can be used by multiple people. Includes detachable wrist lanyard and 9-volt battery. Great for coaches, teachers and intramural sports! 4 switch three tone function design. Sound Power: 125 dB.

If out of stock, order one of our Windsor Electronic Whistles


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$22.95 Each $25.95 Each
6 Colors & 3 SizesSave 56%
Colored Poly ConesColored Poly Cones
Colored Poly Cones

• Use as a field or goal marker
• Hi visibility
• Bright high impact polyethylene
• 3 Sizes: 9"H, 12"H and 15"H 
• Available in 6 colors or rainbow sets of 6

Create an obstacle course, mark boundaries, or practice agility with these hi-visibility 9 inch orange poly cones. Made of tough high impact polyethylene. Can be used for any number of instructional games and activities.

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$1.89 Each $4.29 Each
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Recreational Fiberglass Shuffleboard SetRecreational Fiberglass Shuffleboard Set
Recreational Fiberglass Shuffleboard Set

• Deluxe fiberglass shuffleboard set
• 75" long cues in yellow or black (no choice)
• Tough and flexible fiberglass cue shafts
• Black heads with yellow swivel runners.
• 8 Deluxe discs (4 black, 4 yellow)
• Disc basket to carry and store the discs.

Upgrade your shuffleboard equipment or program with this deluxe fiberglass shuffleboard set. Tough and flexible fiberglass cue shafts are 75" long and include black heads with yellow swivel runners. Set also includes eight recreational discs (4 black, 4 yellow) and a disc basket to carry and store the discs. Cue shafts will be yellow or black (no choice). Discs are made of water-proof plastic material, and are highly chip resistant. DIscs are 6 inches in diameter and weigh 15 ounces.

NOTE: Shuffleboard court not included. Order GA143P Shuffleboard Court Stencil separately.

Replacement Cue Heads (GA142P) and Runners (GA149P) available.

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$189.99 Set
Made in the USA
Wall Hugger Ball Rack
Wall Hugger Ball Rack

• Heavy-gauge steel rack
• Takes up very little space and allows easy access.
• Holds 6 balls up to 10" in diameter.
• Extends 8" from the wall
• Measures 57" long x 8" deep
• Lifetime warranty

Heavy-gauge steel rack takes up very little space and allows easy access. Holds 6 basketballs or any combination of balls up to 10" in diameter. Extends 8" from the wall (must be fastened securely to wall). Measures 57" long x 8" deep. Lifetime warranty.

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$79.95 Each
Rhino Skin Dodgeball SetRhino Skin Dodgeball Set
Rhino Skin Dodgeball Sets - 6.3"

• Champion Sports
• Rhino Skin® coating for exceptional tear-resistance
• Low Bounce
• Low-density foam core and soft exterior
• 6.3” Diameter
• Ages 10+
• Sets of 6

Made for any number of children's games in gym classes or on the playground, the Champion Sports 6 Inch Rhino Skin® Low Bounce Dodgeball Set features a patented Rhino Skin® coating, ensuring these tear-resistant balls will withstand rough games and regular use. At just 6.3" in diameter, these lightweight foam balls are easy for younger kids to throw and catch. As well, the low-density core prevents significant bounces ensuring the balls stay in the game area at all times. Available in neon sets of 6, or a set of 6 rainbow colors (1 ea. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Purple).

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From $86.95 Set/6
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