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3 Styles & 15 LengthsMade in the USA
Unmanila Climbing RopeUnmanila Climbing Rope
Unmanila Climbing Rope

These Polypro Unmanila climbing ropes consist of a specially manufactured polypropylene material which looks like natural fiber ropes with superior strength and 2/3 the weight. Has an indoor metal fitting on top. Add a 1/2in OD link (not included) for quick and easy attachment. Particularly popular on elementary level.

All Ropes are available  with rest grips or knots. Secure your climbing rope with proper safety cables, hoists, links, and clamps for a safe, challenging workout. 

When determining rope length, not that gymnastics rules state that climbing ropes without bottom knots should be long enough so that at least 42in of rope is on the floor. Regular Gymnasium Climbing ropes should hang 1ft above the floor.

Adult supervision and safety padding should be utilized at all times.

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