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Rubber Enclosed Infant Swing SeatsRed  Enclosed Infant Swing Seat
Rubber Enclosed Infant Swing Seats

• Fully enclosed one piece infant seat
• Helps prevent small children from falling out
• 39” circumference
• 9.5” deep
• The front leg opening is 5” leg with the back opening 4.75”
• Made with a steel insert encased in 70duro EPDM rubber
• Heavy duty rust resistant welded triangular hardware
• Available in 6 Colors

This one piece infant swing seat is fully enclosed which helps prevent small children from falling out. The dimensions of the seat are 39" circumference, 9.5" deep, the front leg opening is 5" leg with the back opening 4.75". It is made with a steel insert that is encased in 70duro EPDM rubber with heavy duty rust resistant welded triangular hardware. EPDM is a synthetic rubber material which helps prevent crazing, cracking and oxidizing. Natural rubber is often made from recycled tires etc., and you are never sure what the actual rubber mixture is. It often wears off on children’s clothes. It cracks and crazes, making the seat unsightly and allowing moisture to get into the seat. This makes the seat deteriorate at a much quicker rate. This seat is made of EPDM rubber that does not rub off on children’s clothes, and lasts much longer than natural rubber swings. Unlike seats made of polymer, seats made of EPDM rubber hold up well in extreme temperatures, both very hot and very cold. The steel triangles and plates are riveted to the seat with galvanized rivets. Each triangle is welded together so they cannot be pulled apart and pulled off the seat. This seat is made to the highest standards available for the benefit and well-being of the children that use them.

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