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No-Tear Competitor's Numbers - 501-600 -
No-Tear Competitor's Numbers

Tearless material (fabric and paper combined) to make numbers water and tear resistant. Numbers are 2 1/2" high on a 3" x 5" panel.

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JEX 202 Starting Pistol
JEX 202 Starting Pistol

The JEX 202 starting pistol is safe and easy to use. It features a double zinc alloy hammer to fire the starting shot and a quick second shot for false starts if required. This starting pistol is ideal for athletics events, swimming galas and more. The JEX 202 starting pistol should only be used with JEX starting pistol caps - NOT INCLUDED.

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Flat Spike Wrench
Flat Spike Wrench

Flat steel track spike wrench
Quickly loosen or tighten cleats & spikes

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Dual Wheel Measuring Tape
Dual Wheel Measuring Tape

Light, solid, easy to operate, records accurate measurements indoors and outdoors on firm surfaces. Precision calibrated twin wheels provide double traction and stability. Records in feet and inches up to 10,000 feet. Subtracts as well as adds. Push button resets counter to zero. 24" handle extends and locks at 39".

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Rolatape Measuring Wheel - Metric
Rolatape Measuring Wheel - Metric

Accurate measurements over different terrains. Sturdy wheel and precision calibrated tire. Precision counter records up to 1000 feet or meters, making it ideal for longer-run indoor jobs and medium length outdoor jobs. Telescoping handle.

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