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Heads-Up Dribble Aid
Heads-Up Dribble Aid

• Increases court vision: Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up
• Creates confidence through better court awareness
• Made with lightweight pliable plastic that fits close to the face for comfort
• Can also be used for sports training besides basketball

Fits close to the face for comfortable fit and blocks all downward vision from the basketball. Teaches you to look down the court without looking at the ball while dribbling. Helps develop fundamental skills of ball handling and will increase each player's court awareness. Will not interfere in shooting the basketball.

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Dribble Gloves Dribble Gloves
Dribble Gloves

• Training aid helps dribbling, passing, catching & shooting
• Button in palm forces proper touch
• Washable leather construction with nylon stitching
• Velcro fasteners for adjustments
• Sold in pairs

The KBA basketball ball handling dribble gloves help teach proper dribbling, passing, catching and shooting techniques. A button in the palm forces proper touch in developing ball handling skills. The button will also cause mishandling of the ball if not controlled in the proper hand and fingertip control areas. The gloves are constructed from tough washable leather with nylon stitching and features Velcro fasteners for adjustment.

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$26.95 Pair
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Three Point Shooter
Three Point Shooter

• Reduces shooting target by 20% from an 18″ diameter to 16″
• Train the shooter to hit a smaller target
• Normal goal looks like a great big bucket during games
• A must for developing players to dramatically increase their shooting percentage
• Fits residential goals, too
• Rim not included

Reduces shooting target from normal ring's 18" diameter to 16". This 20% reduction in area will train the shooter to hit a smaller target, making a normal goal look like a great big bucket during games. A must for developing players to dramatically increase their shooting percentage. Fits residential goals too. Rim not included.

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