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Athletic Trainer's Tape
Athletic Trainer's Tape

A High quality 100% cotton tape. Direct coating and computer calibrated unwind provide consistency and dependability. Zinc oxide tape provides excellent tensile strength and superior conformability. Latex free adhesive. Outstanding adhesion. Easy hand tear. 1.5" x 45".

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$2.75 Roll
Power Splint Finger ProtectorsPower Splint Finger Protectors
Power Splint Finger Protectors

  • Protect from jams, breaks, dislocations, tendon injuries
  • Fits inside baseball/softball mitts, and on top of football/batting gloves
  • Non-metal core can absorb the hardest of hits in the roughest of sports.
  • Play with confidence knowing that your finger is safe!
  • Usable for a wide range of sports
  • Used by multiple teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB
  • Sold in Pairs

PowerSplint is a sports finger protector guard that athletes wear during competition to protect from jams, breaks, dislocations, tendon injuries, and more. PowerSplint provides solid finger support while staying OUT of the way! Used by multiple teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB as well as major collegiate programs. Professional and amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels, all around the world, use PowerSplint to protect their fingers. PowerSplint is impact-resistant (can absorb the hardest of hits) while allowing for a FULL range of finger motion. PowerSplint is comfortable, safe to wear and washable. PowerSplint is available in 2 sizes (S/L) that fit and adjust to fit all finger sizes. One PowerSplint can last for several months!"

Small – for fingers 40mm through 60mm
Large – for fingers 61mm Through 75mm

PowerSplint also protects fingers while on the job or working around the house. Many musicians like guitarists, piano players and drummers also use PowerSplint to protect their fingers.

Powersplint provides static protection against finger injuries. The straps and padding have some dynamic stretch, allowing for limited finger flexion and increased hand use. It protects primarily the proximal interphalangeal joint (against impact from all angles, including side impact) and provides some distal interphalangeal protection also.

Powersplint is an excellent product to use for prevention and recovery from finger sprains and strains. It can be used during recovery from phalangeal fractures and proximal interphalangeal joint injuries, including boutonniere injuries, dislocations, and fracture dislocations. It can give support for distal interphalangeal joint injury recovery, including bony and soft tissue mallet injuries and distal phalangeal fractures.

Powersplint is not designed for primary treatment of acute unstable fractures or fracture dislocations or acute tendon injuries. Its use in these or other situations should be at the sole discretion of a trained medical professional.

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$19.95 Pair