Power Splint Finger Protector


Size: Large
$11.95 Each


PowerSplint is a sports finger protector guard that athletes wear during competition to protect from jams, breaks, dislocations, tendon injuries, and more. PowerSplint provides solid finger support while staying OUT of the way! Used by multiple teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB as well as major collegiate programs. Professional and amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels, all around the world, use PowerSplint to protect their fingers. PowerSplint is impact-resistant (can absorb the hardest of hits) while allowing for a FULL range of finger motion. PowerSplint is comfortable, safe to wear and washable. PowerSplint is available in 2 sizes (M/L) that fit and adjust to fit all finger sizes. One PowerSplint can last for several months!"

Medium – for fingers 2 1/4″ through 2 3/4″ (58 – 70mm)
Large – for fingers 2 3/4″ or larger (71mm or longer)

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