Rubber Medicine Balls

6 Weights

Weight: 7kg (Green)
$92.95 Each


• Durable, all-rubber construction
• Hollow air-filled core offers consistent weight and shape
• Channeled and textured surface provides increased grip and control during workout routine
• Available in 4 sizes:
   - 4 kg (8 lbs.) 8.66” - Blue
   - 5 kg (10 lbs.) 9.40” - Orange
   - 6 kg (12 lbs.) 9.40” - Black
   - 7 kg (16 lbs.) 9.40” - Green

For a wide variety of workout routines and individual exercises, try one of these Rubber Medicine Balls. Designed for exceptional durability, these all-rubber medicine balls with a hollow air-filled core are sure to maintain their weight and shape after consistent use in the gym or at home. The textured surface offers increased grip and control. Available in 6 sizes/weights/colors.

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