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Leg Speed Resistance Chute
Leg Speed Resistance Chute

Guaranteed to increase leg speed and Strength. One size fits all. The chute presents resistance in the actual act of running. 8 lines for even inflation. Includes padded shoulder harness. Storage Bag included.

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Large 56 inch Speed Chute
Large 56 inch Speed Chute

• Improves your sprint speed, explosiveness, acceleration and lower body strength
•Adjustable waistband fits 20" to 42" waist
•Storage pockets
•Quick release strap provides easy release
•Rip-stop nylon fabric
•4 shroud lines to minimize tangles
•Weight limit: Over 210 lbs
•Resistance: 30 lbs
•Size: 56" x 56"

The Champion Sports Deluxe Speed Chute is the perfect way to improve your sprint speed, explosiveness, acceleration, and lower body strength. Featuring an adjustable waistband with storage pockets, this chute is made of rip-stop nylon fabric, has four shroud lines to minimize tangles and a quick release strap for easy release.

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