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Colored Officials WhistleBlack Officials Whistle
Colored Officials Whistle

Economical 2" official's whistles. Made of high impact plastic with cork "pea" & stainless steel split ring. Available in 11 individual colors, or as a set of 6 (1 each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple).

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1 lb to 10 lbsMade in the USA
Vinyl-Coated DumbbellsVinyl-Coated Dumbbells
Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells

These Vinyl-Coated Fitbells offer a bright colorful coating that will not only complement any workout space but also provide extended durability and comfort. Vinyl Fitbells are easy to clean. Perfect for aerobics or fitness. Sold in pairs. Colors might vary from those shown in the pictures.

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Fox Classic WhistlesBlack Fox Classic Whistle
Fox Classic Whistles

The famous Fox professional whistle is not effected by moisture (it has the same shrill tone even after immersing in water). Carriers great distances outdoors with ultra shrill tone. Available in 8 colors.

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$5.95 Each
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Team Roll BagsNavy Blue Team Roll Bag
Team Roll Bags

• 360-denier nylon
• Full wrap-around carry straps
• Fully adjustable shoulder straps
• Full length zipper
• Available in 4 size and multiple colors

360-denier nylon. Full wrap-around carry straps. Fully adjustable shoulder straps. Full length zipper. Strap and handle colors may vary. Available in 4 size and multiple colors.

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4 Colors
Fox 40 Sharx WhistlesFox 40 Sharx Whistle - Yellow.Blue
Fox 40 Sharx Whistles

The first Fox 40 pealess whistle designed specifically for the outdoors! Exceptional Sound! Flawless and consistent performance makes it the preferred, most reliable and trusted whistle for search, rescue, outdoors and personal safety. Emits effortless authoritative sound power of 120 dB that can be heard for miles over ambient noises. Made from durable poly carbonate and co-molded elastomer for added comfort and slip resistance. Specifically designed to perform in the nastiest weather conditions! Ring is rustproof stainless steel. Includes black lanyard only. Design: 2-chamber pealess. Sound Power: 120 dB.

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$8.95 Each
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Ultrak 310 Event Timers - Set of 6 ColorsUltrak 310 Event Timers
Ultrak 310 Event Timers - Set of 6 Colors

The Ultrak 310 is a simple event timer that is ideal for students, volunteers and other occasional timers! All other entry-level stopwatches include a mode that takes users out of the stopwatch function and into time, date, alarm, etc. This has the potential for throwing those who seldom use a stopwatch for a loop, particularly event volunteers. The 310 was built specifically for infrequent timers like volunteers and students. Features include start/stop and reset. Measures to 10 hours. Includes lanyard.

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Side Pocket Duffle Bags
Side Pocket Duffle Bags

600-denier polyester ripstop fabric, bottom panel is 450-denier polyester, both with a soft double coating of polyurethane, web handles with handle wrapper, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with dual sliders, outside pocket with zipper pulls.
18” x 9” x 10 1/2”

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Folding Wrist-Coach - White
Folding Wrist-Coach

Specially designed wrist band with clear plastic triple viewing window. Lets players and coaches communicate the game plan without sacrificing valuable time-outs. Wrist coaches are a must with today's complex offensive and defensive schemes. Hand washable. Available in white or black.

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2 Colors
Wrist Coach - BlackWrist Coach - White
Wrist Coach

Wrist-coach (the only coach allowed between the lines). A must with today's complex offensive and defensive schemes. This specially designed unit with game plan compartment allows players and coaches to communicate without time-outs.Available in 2 colors.

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Ultrak 320 Economy TimersUltrak 320 Economy Timer - Black
Ultrak 320 Economy Timer

Display of cum splits and has a large display. Measures up to 24 hours. Available in black and as a set of six vibrant translucent colors - purple, blue, red, orange, green and yellow. Features include: Time and calendar, Alarm and chime. Three-year warranty. Includes Lanyard.

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