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Mikasa Four-Square Colored Playground Balls - Red - Mikasa Four-Square Colored Playground Balls
Mikasa Four-Square Colored Playground Balls

• Mikasa
• Durable laminated rubber
• Stipple finish
• Self-sealing valve
• 8.5" Diameter
• Available in 8 Colors

These four-square balls are created for long wear and rugged use. Durable laminated rubber. Stipple finish. Self-sealing valve. 8.5" diameter. Available in 8 Colors.

Set of 6 comes in 6 assorted colors

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4 Sizes
Set of 12" Speed Hurdles6" Speed Hurdle
Speed Hurdles

• 6", 12", 18" and 24" high Speed Hurdles
• For speed and jumping drills.
• Adjust the space between each hurdle for stride length drills.
• Made of PVC lightweight plastic.

The Champion Sports Speed Hurdles are an effective training tool for athletes of all ages and disciplines. These lightweight plastic hurdles are ideal for speed and jumping drills, and simply adjust the space between each hurdle for stride length drills. Leap over the competition when you train with our Speed Hurdles! 

Purchase the Speed Hurdle Riser to add an extra 6” of height. Perfect for running speed, agility, and jumping drills for advancing players! 

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Eclipse BallEclipse Balls
Eclipse Ball

Eclipse Ball, America's hottest new racquet and ball sport, is a combination of volleyball, badminton and tennis. Eclipse Ball's black patch is a great tool for teaching spin and tracking the ball. Inflates with a standard needle and is latex free. Ball is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter.

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1 lb to 10 lbsMade in the USA
Neoprene Hexagon Fitbells - PairNeoprene Hexagon Fitbells - Pair
Neoprene Hexagon Fitbells - Pair

The York Neoprene Hexagon Fitbell are the perfect addition to any workout space with their sleek design as well as their comfort and durability. These Fitbells are designed with a hexagon head in order to prevent the Fitbell from rolling.

**All Neoprene Fitbells are sold in pairs**

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Tempfence Pole Optional Ground SocketSet of 6 Tempfence Pole Optional Ground Sockets
Tempfence Pole Optional Ground Sockets

Optional 12" long black high gloss matching PVC ground sockets to hold the poles. Each ground socket will have a pointed bottom tip and a cap to cover the socket when pole is removed.

Please allow 2 to 4 Weeks for Delivery

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Ultrak 310 Event TimersUltrak 310 Event Timer
Ultrak 310 Event Timer

The Ultrak 310 is a simple event timer that is ideal for students, volunteers and other occasional timers! All other entry-level stopwatches include a mode that takes users out of the stopwatch function and into time, date, alarm, etc. This has the potential for throwing those who seldom use a stopwatch for a loop, particularly event volunteers. The 310 was built specifically for infrequent timers like volunteers and students. Features include start/stop and reset. Measures to 10 hours. Includes lanyard.

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4 Resistance Levels
Stretch Training BandsStretch Training Band - Light (5 lbs - 25 lbs)
Stretch Training Bands

• Great for group fitness classes
• Ideal for muscle and strength training, improving flexibility, and stretching
• Promotes safe stretching and form and can be useful when rehabilitating injuries
• All bands are 42" long

Add resistance training to any workout with these 42" long Stretch Training Bands. From group classes with a focus on cardio and maintenance to strength training or rehabilitating injuries, these multi-use resistance bands are great for ensuring proper form and improving flexibility and overall fitness.

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ACCUSPLIT Survivor II StopwatchesACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches
ACCUSPLIT Survivor II Stopwatches

• Cumulative split only
• Split release action
• Timing range 24 hours
• Micro Switches
• Magnum XL Displays
• 5 Year battery life (CR2032)
• Breakaway Safety Lanyards
• 1, 2 Fast Finish
• Start / Stop
• Event / Timeout
• Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min)
• Shock resistance and Water resistance to 30m / 100 ft
• Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm
• Available in 5 colors or a set of 6 rainbow colors

Cumulative split only. Split release action. Timing range: 24 hours. Micro Switches. Magnum XL Displays. 5 Year battery life. Breakaway safety lanyards. 1, 2 Fast finish. Start/Stop. Event/Timeout. Timing interval (1/100 sec to 40 min). Water resistance to 30m/100 ft. Shock resistance. Includes the Time, Date, Day of Week, and Alarm.

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Ultrak 320 Economy TimersUltrak 320 Economy Timer - Black
Ultrak 320 Economy Timer

Display of cum splits and has a large display. Measures up to 24 hours. Available in black and as a set of six vibrant translucent colors - purple, blue, red, orange, green and yellow. Features include: Time and calendar, Alarm and chime. Three-year warranty. Includes Lanyard.

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