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Ground Zero 2" Kick-Off Tee
Ground Zero 2" Kick-Off Tee

• 2" Kick-off tee is great for younger players
• Authentic Ground Zero® Tee
• Textured surface grips the ball securely
• Forward rectangular recess holds the ball at an optimal angle to achieve elevation
• Very popular high school kick-off tee
• 6" x 6" x 6"
• Black

Help young players build confidence and get the optimal lift on each of their kicks with this Ground Zero® 2" Kick-Off Tee. The kicking tee has a textured surface that holds the ball securely in place, and a forward rectangular recess that positions it at an optimal angle to achieve maximum distance and height. This Ground Zero® kick-off tee is very popular with high school athletic programs.

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$14.95 Each