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Made in the USA
Adjustable Ankle/Wrist WeightsAdjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights
Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

One size fits all ankle/wrist weights. Made with soft neoprene fabric cover for friction free comfort. Adjustable hook and loop closure. Two 1 lb., 2.5 lb. or 5 lb. ankle/wrist weights.

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1 lb to 10 lbsMade in the USA
Neoprene Hexagon Fitbells - PairNeoprene Hexagon Fitbells - Pair
Neoprene Hexagon Fitbells - Pair

The York Neoprene Hexagon Fitbell are the perfect addition to any workout space with their sleek design as well as their comfort and durability. These Fitbells are designed with a hexagon head in order to prevent the Fitbell from rolling.

**All Neoprene Fitbells are sold in pairs**

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