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SPRI XertubesSPRI Xertubes
SPRI Xertubes

• The ultimate strength trainer
• Improve your upper body strength and appearance
• High-quality rubber latex tubing for smooth exercise movement
• Durable tubing and comfortable PVC handles
• Available in 4 resistance levels

Use the Original Xertube to isolate targeted muscle groups through a full range of motion to strengthen and tone your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. This versatile and very convenient tool is perfect for group exercise, personal training, and even travel. The progressive resistance levels also make this tool ideal for individuals of all fitness levels. Heavy-duty, high quality tubing resists tears and abrasions. Available in color-coded resistances ranging from very light to ultra heavy. Sold individually. Also includes a downloadable exercise guide. Take the Original Xertube with you wherever you go for a great full body workout.

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5 Resistance Levels
SPRI Deluxe Ultra TonersSPRI Deluxe Ultra Toner - Light Resistance (Green)
SPRI Deluxe Ultra Toners

• Strengthens arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, and buns
• Soft rubber handles for extra comfort
• Very portable-use anywhere/anytime
• 5 Resistance levels

The Ultra Toner™ is designed to tone your upper body by performing single and double arm exercises with rubber resistance. The lightweight feel makes this exercise tool great for travel and easy to store. Available in color-coded resistance levels ranging from very light to ultra heavy. Sold individually. Includes a downloadable exercise guide.

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4 Resistance Levels
Stretch Training BandsStretch Training Band - Light (5 lbs - 25 lbs)
Stretch Training Bands

• Great for group fitness classes
• Ideal for muscle and strength training, improving flexibility, and stretching
• Promotes safe stretching and form and can be useful when rehabilitating injuries
• All bands are 42" long

Add resistance training to any workout with these 42" long Stretch Training Bands. From group classes with a focus on cardio and maintenance to strength training or rehabilitating injuries, these multi-use resistance bands are great for ensuring proper form and improving flexibility and overall fitness.

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SPRI Quik-Fit TonersSPRI Quik-Fit Toner  - Light Resistance 6-10 lbs.
SPRI Quik-Fit Toners

• A portable, lightweight total body strengthening product
• Medical latex tubing offers safe variable resistance
• Full range of motion muscle condition

A portable, lightweight total body strengthening product. Latex yellow tubing offers safe very light resistance and full range of motion muscle conditioning.

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