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6 ColorsMade in the USA
Miniature Golf PuttersMiniature Golf Putter - Black
Miniature Golf Putters

• Length: 29", 32", or 37"
• Available in Black,Blue,Red,Yellow,Green, and Orange
• Extremely durable colored putter
• Tempered step chrome shaft
• No punch-thru grip
• Space age urethane head
• Outwears other non-metal clubs
• Also reduces marks and damage to surfaces

This mini-golf putter is extremely durable with a tempered step chrome shaft, no punch-thru grip, and a space age urethane head that is softer yet it outwears other non-metal clubs. Also reduces marks and damage to surfaces.

Suggested Sizes
37" - Men
32" - Women
29" - Junior (Age 10-12)

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$21.95 Each
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MAC-T Foam Golf Putters - 27" (Set of 6)MAC-T Foam Golf Putters - 27" (Set of 6)
MAC-T Foam Golf Putters - 27" (Set of 6)

• Perfect for learning beginning golf skills
• Soft, comfortable foam grips
• Plastic shaft and head
• Use indoors or outdoors
• Set of 6 Putters (1 each of green, blue, orange, red, purple, and yellow)

Perfect for learning beginning golf skills. Soft, comfortable foam grips. Set of 6 colors includes 1 each of green, blue, orange, red, purple, and yellow. Plastic shaft and head. Use indoors or outdoors. Set of 6 Putters. Sh. wt. 4.50 lbs.

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$39.95 Set
Mini Golf Set
Mini Golf Set

• Fun 6 color mini golf set
• Six 26" mini putters,
• 18 golf balls
• 12 practice targets
• Six color sets offer a color for each child
• Play indoors or outdoors, on any flooring or surface type
• Fun for all ages
• High quality set is durable enough to last
• Six colors (1 ea. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)

Set contains six putters, 18 targets and 18 foam balls all in 6 colors- red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. Durable plastic shaft and head. Foam grip for comfort. Solid foam balls roll well on hard and soft surfaces without risking damage or injury like traditional golf balls. Three plastic "holes" allow for multiple targets, team play and the development of multiple games centered around developing golf and color recognition skills.

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$88.95 Set
Made in the USA
Deluxe Chrome 2-Way Putter HeadDeluxe Chrome 2-Way Putter
Deluxe Chrome 2-Way Putter

  • 35 inch double sided putter head for both right and left handed players
  • Made of durable die cast heads with extra thick hosel walls
  • Stainless steel step-down shafts
  • Custom designed grips with molded plastic butt cap for longer wear
  • Weight: 1lb

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$42.95 Each