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Box-A-Pucks - Box of 24 Pucks

Box of 24 or 48 orange polyethylene pucks. These hollow pucks are 2 3/4" diameter and offer fast action hockey shots. Save 22% over price of pucks sold in eaches.

Perfect for floor hockey games, these Hockey Pucks are made out of lightweight plastic, making them easy for players of all ages to shoot and pass while also preventing injury when players block shots or goalies make saves. The bright orange color makes it easy for all players and coaches to see the puck.

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Box-A-Hockey Balls - Box of 24 Balls
Box-A-Hockey Balls

Box of 24 or 48 orange low bounce balls made of durable air filled vinyl and offer excellent playability.

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Value Pack of Hockey Sticks - 43" Sticks (12 blue & 12 yellow)
Value Pack of Hockey Sticks

These extra sturdy sticks are made of rigid Cycolac type ABS plastic and come with high-density tough polyethylene blades. Available in 2 sizes in sets of 24 (12 blue, 12 yellow) or 48 (24 blue, 24 yellow).

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