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P.E. Senior Lacrosse SetP.E. Senior Lacrosse Set Closeup
P.E. Senior Lacrosse Set

• Lightweight aluminum shaft for players of all ages
• Collapsible, plastic head does not require additional safety equipment
• Includes 12 sticks (6 royal blue, 6 red) and 6 vinyl balls (white)
• Size: 40"L sticks
• Royal Blue/Red/White

Designed for practice, games, and phys ed classes, the Champion Sports Soft Lacrosse Set is a great way to get young or amateur players involved in the sport. With everything necessary to play a game, this lacrosse set features 12 lightweight aluminum sticks and 6 vinyl lacrosse balls. As well, the collapsible plastic head means players will not require additional safety equipment.

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$171.95 Set
LRX7 Youth Lacrosse Stick
LRX7 Youth Lacrosse Stick

Beginners stick to help the player develop into an elite player. Molded nylon head with greater response for catch and release than most complete sticks on the market. Soft mesh great for prepping young players for the next level. Shorter 24.5” length and thinner shaft designed for youth. Aluminum shaft with glossy finish with white graphics. Not intended for high school or college players

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$32.95 Each
STX Stallion 200 Attack Stick (White)
STX Stallion 200 Attack Stick (White)

The number one selling complete stick in the game, the STX Stallion 200™ lacrosse stick is the preferred stick for beginner lacrosse players everywhere. Head is molded with softer material to provide a forgiving response. Includes new Stallion 6000 series alloy handle. Designed to help players develop proper fundamentals. Easy catching and ball control for all entry-level players. Soft mesh stringing. Meets NCAA and NFHS rules. Position: attack. Color: white.

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$42.99 Each
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STX Goalmaster Lacrosse Stick
STX Goalmaster Lacrosse Stick

For the youth goalie. Solid, dependable design with dura mesh sofcoat mesh pocket.

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$85.25 Each $100.50 Each