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Dual Wheel Measuring Tape
Dual Wheel Measuring Tape

Light, solid, easy to operate, records accurate measurements indoors and outdoors on firm surfaces. Precision calibrated twin wheels provide double traction and stability. Records in feet and inches up to 10,000 feet. Subtracts as well as adds. Push button resets counter to zero. 24" handle extends and locks at 39".

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Electronic Steel Measuring WheelElectronic Steel Measuring Wheel
Electronic Steel Measuring Wheel

• The world’s sturdiest electronic measuring wheel and the
• Easy and comfortable to use
•  Will stand up to the harshest conditions.
• Patent-pending “thumb-up” grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control.
• Magnetic sensors avoid dust, dirt and other particles
• Sealed counter encasement ensures that it will not be damaged by rain
• Our easy-to-read digital counter is in the most protected spot on the wheel
• Counter requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
• Swan-neck, ergonomic handle.
• Huge digital counter.
• Innovative, center-line design for great balance.
• Rugged 3/4" steel frame and built-in kickstand.
• Compact fold-down for storage and portability.
• Backlight LCD display for low-light usage. Auto Shut-off extends battery life.
• Displays 7 digits; up to 99,999' 11", or 99,999.9 in tenths and metric.
• 8 Memory measurement recall.
• Units: feet and inches; continuous inches; feet and 10ths (decimal feet); metric.
• Product Weight: 7 lbs. (3.17 kg)

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Measure Master Measuring Wheel - Standard
Measure Master Measuring Wheel - Standard

Lightweight and compact quality construction. Provides accurate measurements on smooth, hard surfaces from gym floors to sidewalks. Molded polycarbonate 5-digit counter. Records to 10,000 feet. Lightweight and compact. Wide, precision molded tire. Firm, stable grip on smooth, hard surfaces. Safety-Green color. Telescoping handle for compactibility

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Standard or Metric
Metal Professional Measuring WheelMetal Professional Measuring Wheel Folded
Metal Professional Measuring Wheel

• Innovative design 
• Rugged 3/4-inch steel tubing to handle any terrain
• Molded 4' circumference ABS wheel
• Durable 3/8-inch rubber on the wheel preserves the wheel's shape over time
• Barrel clamp locks the 42" handle upright
• Time-tested & proven counters with huge numbers 
• The scraper and metal shelf keep dirt and debris from contacting the counter 
• Easily folds to half its size for storage and portability 
• Sealed bearing on the wheel keeps dirt and grit out
• Measuring Range 100,000 ft. or meters 
• Measures curved, horizontal and asymmetrical surfaces
• Net Weight 7 lb.

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Standard or Metric
Roadrunner Outdoor Measuring WheelCompact Roadrunner Outdoor Measuring Wheel
Roadrunner Outdoor Measuring Wheel

• Pistol Grip Handle increases control and comfort
• Quick Snap Cam Locks to store and transport the wheel with minimal effort
• Telescopes down to 23 inches
• Cam locks make the unit simple to operate when preparing for storage
• Flip-Down Kickstand keeps the wheel upright when you need your hands free
• Heavy-duty, 3-foot, precision-molded plastic wheel takes years of field abuse
• Five-digit easy-read magnified counter (9,999 feet or meters) subtracts in reverse

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Rolatape Measuring Wheel - Metric
Rolatape Measuring Wheel - Metric

Accurate measurements over different terrains. Sturdy wheel and precision calibrated tire. Precision counter records up to 1000 feet or meters, making it ideal for longer-run indoor jobs and medium length outdoor jobs. Telescoping handle.

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Rolatape Professional Measuring WheelCross Country Measuring Wheel Bag
Rolatape Professional Measuring Wheel

• All Steel Construction
• Heavy duty strength and durability
• Solid steel disk wheel
• Measures through brush without catching in spokes
• Measurement units on disk circumference
• Provides measurements in inches, tenths of feet or decimeters and centimeters
• 5-digit steel counter Records up to 100,000 feet or meters with
• Convenient reset knob (Dual counters available)
• Wheel Stand keeps wheel upright when not in use
• Wheel brake lets you transport without losing existing measurement
• Carrying bag available

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