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16" Speed Ring Set
16" Speed Ring Set

• A quick and easy way to set up a training course.
• Includes: 4 Red, 4 Yellow and 4 Blue 16" diameter plastic rings.
• Includes storage bag.

A quick and easy way to set up a training course. Includes 4 Red, 4 Yellow and 4 Blue 16" diameter plastic rings. Includes storage bag.

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$18.50 Set
5 inch Agility Dots9 inch Agility Dots
Agility Dots - Set of 5

Ideal tool for dot drills. You can set them up in various patterns for specific drills. Run around, jump on or between the dots. Great for improving reaction and foot quickness. Set of five. Available in sets of 5" or 9" dots.

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Obstacle Poles & Bases - Set of 4Obstacle Poles & Bases - Set of 4
Obstacle Poles & Bases - Set of 4

• Can be used for obstacle course markers or agility drills.
• Set of 4 fillable dome cones and 56" poles.

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$52.50 Set
Kwik Goal Coaching SticksKwik Goal Coaching Sticks
Kwik Goal Coaching Sticks

• High-impact plastic construction
• Round steel base with ground peg
• 60 inch height
• Natural-surface friendly

Kwik Goal’s Coaching Sticks are a piece of training equipment that every player, no matter their level, can benefit from. These Coaching Sticks are designed to help increase player’s foot speed, basic ball control skills, reaction time, overall agility and much more. These sticks are secured into the ground using a natural-surface only ground peg and can be arranged in a variety of ways dependent upon the specific training drills. Set includes 6 coaching sticks.

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Multi-Speed Trainer - Medium Resistance
Multi-Speed Trainer - Medium Resistance

Multi-directional training has never been easier! Flexible rubber tubing provides resistance and assistance to your speed, agility, quickness, and change-of-direction drills. It’s great for explosive starts and acceleration, and is unmatched for resisted plyometrics for increased vertical jump development. The Multi-Speed features enhanced safety with our Safety Loop System. This unique, self-forming belt has no hardware to break or remove, and the rubber tubing is safely encased. Simply step into the loop, position the padding around your waist, and pull the choke toward you. The other end snaps to a padded waistbelt. NOTE: Trainer is black, not yellow.

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Velocity TrainerVelocity Trainer
Velocity Trainer

The Velocity Trainer is the ultimate sprint training device! With a 24' long speed cable, the Velocity Trainer provides athletes with an assisted sprint up to 70 feet. You can literally teach the body to run faster than it normally can, and to accept new limits. This is an excellent speed training device for football, baseball, track, softball, any sport requiring sustained sprinting. The Velocity Trainer is one of the safest, most effective overspeed devices on the market. It features the Safety Loop System on one end and a durable Tow Vest that will help the athlete maintain correct running posture on the other. The rubber tubing is safely enclosed so that, should the tubing inside break, the athlete is protected.

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