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Versa SledVersa Sled
Versa Sled

Our new and unique Versa-Sled offers an economical training device for Jr. High through college programs. The Versa-Sled is made of tough weather-resistant heavy-gauge 1 3/4" galvanized steel. Includes a unique platform that allows the athlete to provide resistance weights using weight plates. Athletes can use the Versa-Sled with or without weights by pushing the sled along the ground or by simply clipping the included shoulder harness with straps attachment onto the sled to pull the sled along. Harness attachment rings are included. The sled measures 60" long x 30" wide x 44" high at the back end. Has two 1 3/4" diameter, 5 1/2" high weight posts. Unit weighs 45 lbs.

NOTE: weight plates not included.

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