Rookie Indoor Floorball Set


Style: Elementary
$399.00 Set


Are you ready to take physical education to the next level? Look no further. Floorball is the most exciting, safe, and inclusive sports experience for your students!

Floorball is a fast-paced, non-contact team sport that combines the best elements of hockey and soccer. With lightweight sticks and a special, low-bounce ball, Floorball is easy to learn and perfect for kids of all ages.

Our Floorball equipment is designed with young players in mind. No body checks, no hard pucks, just good old-fashioned fun! Floorball gets kids moving and encourages teamwork. It's perfect for all skill levels, so every student can join in and feel successful. Incorporate Floorball into your PE program and watch as students embrace a new way to stay active while achieving your curriculum goals.

The Rookie Line floorball contains 12 floorball sticks, 12 floorball balls and 1 floorball stick bag. The set is perfect for schools, camps and other youth organizations wanting to get started with floorball. The floorball sticks is designed for all indoor surfaces, but can also be used on smooth outdoor surfaces.


Elementary school 4'1" - 4' 9" tall (Stick length 75cm / 30")
Middle school 4' 9" - 5' 5" tall (Stick length 87cm / 34")
High school 5' 5" - 6' 2" tall (Stick length 96cm / 38")

A person shorter than the recommended height can hold their upper hand further down on the shaft.

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