Poly Dacron Outdoor Climbing Rope

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Style: Plain
Length: 12 foot
Color: Black
$125.00 Each


Our gym & obstacle course style indoor/outdoor climbing ropes are fabricated using quality 1.5″ diameter 3-strand twisted poly Dacron rope. Our poly Dacron is chosen for its excellent moisture and UV resistance. One of the best gripping synthetic ropes and holds up well to abrasion. Each top has rope eye spliced and each bottom has a poly boot cover or braided back bottom to deter unraveling.

Top Options

  • Loop Top: Top has a spliced rope eye.

Grip Knot Options

All Ropes are available with rest grips or knots. Secure your climbing rope with proper safety cables, hoists, links, and clamps for a safe, challenging workout. 

  • No Knots: Traditional rope with no knots. Tougher and more challenging.
  • Rest Grip Knots: Woven grip knots are 3 ply, hand-woven on rope using durable braided rope extending approximately 3/8″ from surface for hand grips and foot holds when ascending & rest areas descending. Standard spacing is every 18” although they can be custom placed anywhere on the rope.
  • Big Knots: Large overhand knots fabricated from 3-strand rope tied into the rope itself creating large platforms. Standard spacing is every 18” although they can be custom placed anywhere on the rope. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Ropes with Big knots will appear shorter than requested size. To realize full size, install and apply the weight of an adult until knots are tight and rope has stretched. To shorten rope, tie an additional knot at top of rope. To lengthen rope, untie a knot at top of rope. Each knot uses 1′ of material.

When determining rope length, note that gymnastics rules state that climbing ropes without bottom knots should be long enough so that at least 42in of rope is on the floor. Regular Gymnasium Climbing ropes should hang 1ft above the floor.

Adult supervision and safety padding should be utilized at all times.

NOTE: For indoor or Outdoor use.

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