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1 lb to 10 lbsMade in the USA
Neoprene FitbellsNeoprene Fitbells
Neoprene Fitbells

These Neoprene Fitbells offer a bright and colorful coating that will not only complement any workout space but also provide extended durability and comfort. Neoprene Fitbells are easy to clean. Sold in pairs. Colors might vary from those shown in the pictures.

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Yoga Mat BagYoga Mat Bag
Yoga Mat Bag

Your new bag is ready to accompany you and your yoga mat anywhere you go and even has a convenient front pocket for your keys and cell phone or whatever else you might what have handy.

When cleaning your bag, please hand wash only. 

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Foldable Yoga MatFoldable Yoga Mat
Foldable Yoga Mat

The ORIGINAL foldable, multi-purpose rectangular mat. Our mat is eco-friendly and has a different texture on each side so you can get a better grip for your body and when placing on smooth surfaces. Fold your mat to desired widths in different sections depending on where you would like extra support. When folded, the mat also works great as a bolster and meditation cushion! See it in action!


1) Multi-Use 3-in-1 Mat: Use as a mat, bolster and meditation cushion!

2) Extra support: Fold to add extra support and cushioning under hands and knees

3) Eco-friendly made from natural rubber

4) 2 textures: Each side has a different texture so you can get get a better grip for your body and on smooth surfaces

5) Lightweight: Light and easy to take with you anywhere!

6) High quality and durable yet at a competitive entry level price point.

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Get-A-Grip Yoga MatGet-A-Grip Yoga Mat
Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat

Get-a-Grip and remember that yoga doesn't always have to be so serious. Relax and have fun and practice on this durable, non-slip, eco-friendly mat.

1) Proprietary, non-slip texture for a solid grip
2) Made from eco-friendly, natural rubber
3) High quality and durable at a great price point

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Fitball Hop Ball - 26"
Fitball Hop Ball - 26"

With a sturdy handle and a lot of bounce, the Hopping Ball can provide hours of fun indoor activity. Not recommended for outdoor use. Ages 9 and up.

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$24.95 $34.50
SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball ReturnSKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return
SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

• 9-foot indoor putting green with continuous automatic ball return
• For developing accuracy and control
• Squaring and alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet help promote consistency
• Continuous automatic ball return allows for uninterrupted training
• True-roll surface and upslope at the cup emulate putts found on actual greens
• Measures 9 feet x 16.25 inches; great for use at home or office

Accelerator Pro lets you practice key putt lengths on a true-roll surface. Precise alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet assist every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, back swing, and follow through – for greater accuracy and distance control on every putt.

Features alignment guides at three key putting distances to promote consistency in every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, back swing, and follow through. The result is improved accuracy and greater control on every putt.

The continuous ball return allows you to train without interruption. And because you can keep putting without re-setting, you can focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, making your training more efficient and effective.

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$49.50 Each
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Hazard Deluxe Putting MatHazard Deluxe Putting Mat
Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

• 1’ x 8’ putting green with realistic hazards and automatic ball return.
• Deluxe Putting Mat with cup, non-directional turf, bunker, and water hazard
• Inclined ramp develops true firmness of stroke
• Unique ball return channel automatically returns the ball every time
• Regulation sized cup and non-directional turf
• Provides the most accurate practice surface outside of a green
• Bunker and water hazard help increase putting accuracy

Practice putting year round to lower your score and handicap with the JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat. Coming complete with a regulation sized cup, non-directional turf, a bunker, and water hazard, the Deluxe Putting Mat offers the most accurate surface available outside of the green. The mat's inclined ramp develops true firmness of stroke. The bunker and water hazard help increase your putting accuracy and the regulation sized cup and non-directional turf deliver a true practice surface. Thanks to the unique ball return channel that provides a perfect return every time, you can practice your put continuously, anytime, anywhere.

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$27 Each $29.99 Each
Franklin Sports Bluetooth Croquet SetFranklin Sports Bluetooth Croquet Set
Franklin Sports Bluetooth Croquet Set

The Franklin Sports Bluetooth Croquet Set is where outdoor games meet tech to bring your backyard games experience to new levels. This croquet set includes (6) 29.5" mallets with brightly colored 2.75" all weather balls. (9) all weather wickets and (2) 18" long stakes make up the traditional components. Add in the Bluetooth speaker holder (with versatile positioning-place it on top of a stake or a mallet handle!) and the strong yet powerful portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and you are ready for the party!

  • BLUETOOTH CROQUET turns this backyard classic into anything but! This complete croquet set includes the addition of a powerful, lightweight, rechargeable speaker so that you can play and party at the same time!
  • MALLETS include (6) 29.5" handles painted with bright colors. Wooden construction ensures solid play game after game.
  • BALLS are 2.75" and are all-weather construction. Ball colors coordinate with the individual handle colors.
  • STAKES (2) and WICKETS (9) are included. 18" wooden stakes and all-weather coated wickets are built for durability.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER (1) AND HOLDER complete the set. The easy to assemble speaker easily connects to your device for easy music streaming wherever this set takes you. Easily transportable and rechargeable, the whole set can be carried in the premium carry bag for on-the go fun!

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Champions Croquet SetChampions Croquet Set
Champions Croquet Set

• Ideal for 2 - 6 players on most surfaces
• (6) Cottonwood croquet mallets with colorful soft grip handles
• (6) Multi-colored poly-resin croquet balls
• (9) 14" Steel wickets
• (2) 24" Hardwood scoring posts
• (1) Nylon bag with zipper and carry handles
• Instructions

Enjoy hours of fun in the sun with the timeless backyard game of croquet. Our Baden 6-player Champions Croquet Set is the perfect yard games set for enjoying hours of outdoor competition with friends and families. If you’re trying to find a way to spend less time indoors and more time outside enjoying mother nature look no further. This Champions Croquet Set comes complete with everything you’ll need to quickly set up a match whenever you feel the urge to play. This sets detachable croquet mallet heads make it easy to fit everything included with this set conveniently back into its portable carry case. The soft grip handles are our added spin to the games classic mallet construction. The soft padded handles make the mallet feel extremely comfortable in the hand while eliminates slippage from wet or sweaty palms. Oh, you don’t know how to play croquet? No worries we’ve got you covered, we’ve included a full set of official croquet rules which will have you mastering the game in no time. Grab your set today and become an outdoor games champion yourself.

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2 SizesMade in the USA
Replacement net for GO020PReplacement net for GO021P
Pro Style PVC Hockey Goal Replacement Nets

Replacement nets for pro style PVC goals. Heavy duty nylon netting. Red sleeves slide easily over white tubing of the goal. Available in 2 sizes.

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Basketball Shooting Goal - 4ft
Basketball Shooting Goal - 4ft

• Excellent for use in school, gym or at home
• Portable but stable hoops are great for use indoors or out
• Teach shooting skills and accuracy

This 4' high portable lightweight basketball goal has a 36" base and is constructed of thick wall tubular steel for durability. The 18" diameter rim makes it a perfect choice for teaching young players. For indoor and outdoor use.

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$121.95 Each
Made in the USA
9.5” Foam Football9.5” Foam Football
9.5” Foam Football

Touchdown! Fearlessly score your next touchdown with one of these Foam Footballs. Constructed from durable foam and designed with a light texture for a better grip. These are the perfect size for children and fit easily into their hands. Great for indoor or outdoor play. Watch your little one throw the game-winning pass with one of these Foam Footballs! Lightweight and durable, Easy to grip for small hands, Helps develop hand-eye coordination, Great for indoor or outdoor play. Sent in bright assorted colors.

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Made in the USA
8” Turbo Foam Football8” Turbo Foam Football
8” Turbo Foam Football

• Multi-colored foam football
• Soft foam exterior to provide safe outdoor and indoor fun
• Spiral ball can be thrown more accurately and further because of the grooved grip
• Perfect for a fast paced game or developing catching and throwing skills
• Made in the USA

8-inch Turbo, 2-color, Foam Footballs are constructed from durable foam and designed with a light texture for a better grip. The wavy “Turbo” design allows for better accuracy and spiral throws. These are the perfect size for children and fit easily into their hands. Great for indoor or outdoor play. Easy to grip for small hands, Helps develop hand-eye coordination, Great for indoor or outdoor play. Assorted fun colors.

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Halex Badminton Set
Halex Badminton Set

• 4 tempered steel shaft rackets with grommets and padded grips
• 20' X 1-1/2' net sleeve design
• 2 molded weather resistant shuttlecocks
• Pre-assembled double guide rope system with tension clips, ground stakes
• Octagon telescoping PVC poles, official pole height 5'1

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6 ColorsMade in the USA
5 inch Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen)Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen) - 5 inch - Orange
5 inch Deluxe Poly Spots (Dozen)

• Great for setting up training stations in gym class
• Use for teaching court positioning
• Can be used for a variety of drills and games
• Made of non-skid fade resistant vinyl
• Won’t tear or rip
• Available in 6 colors
• Sold in dozen lots only

These spots are made with fade resistant vinyl. Ideal for teacher instruction in gymnasiums, playgrounds and for organizing activity units. Sold in dozen lots only.

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$27.95 Dozen
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SPRI Mini Resistance BandsSPRI Mini Resistance Bands
SPRI Mini Resistance Bands

• Ideal for floor-based lower-body exercises
• Strengthen and tone legs, hips and glutes
• Great for therapeutic exercise and strength training
• Secures comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs
• 9" long and 2" wide flat band loop
• Available in 3 color-coded resistances

With these mini resistance bands you can still get resistance training with your smaller, floor-based lower-body conditioning workouts with SPRI® Mini Bands. Each band has enough extendability for moderate-load standing movement drills/activities too. The bands secure comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs to strength and tone legs, hips and glutes. These mini resistance bands are also great for therapeutic exercises as well as standard strength training. 9" long and 2" wide flat band loop. Available in color-coded resistances ranging from light to super heavy. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

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Coaches' Board Clipboard - BasketballCoaches' Board Clipboard - Basketball
Coaches' Board Clipboard - Basketball

• Easy wipe coaches board
• Large, 10"x 16" full court illustration to share plays during games and practices
• Half a court illustration and line-up chart on the other side
• Complete with dry erase marker
• Board line-up box on back
• New Design

Manage your team with the Basketball Coaches Board. This coach's board features a full court on one side and half-court on the other, so you can choose whether to focus on the game or your own team's performance. Complete with a dry erase marker and clip to hold your papers, this dry erase board will help you and your team stay organized throughout the game.

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$11.95 Each
Match Point Competition Outdoor Volleyball System - Complete - Royal
Match Point Competition Outdoor Volleyball System

Beach volleyball can now be played at the same level as on the hardwood court…Rugged system designed for California-style power sand volleyball. Extruded aluminum 3-½” posts are powder coated silver/gray. Net is infinitely adjustable to insure exact net height for competition or recreational volleyball. Tightens with the same mechanism found on our Match Point competition systems. Includes posts and net only Install permanently in concrete or using optional VB287D ground sleeves. Five-year limited warranty.


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$2,023.00 Set
3 SizesSave 10%
MacGregor X6000 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
MacGregor X6000 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

• Leather feel at half the price; Item Weight 1.15 Pounds; Material Composite; Style
• Durable composite construction
• Indoor/Outdoor use
• Wide channel design
• Size 5 (27.5) - Junior - Ages 9-11
• Size 6 (28.5) - Intermediate - Boys ages 12-14, Girls ages 12 and up
• Size 7 (29.5) - Official -Ages 15 and up

Students can jump into a game of basketball during open gym or while playing with friends at the rec center with the MacGregor® X6000 Basketball. Rising athletes can build on-court skills with each fake, pass and shot, as the ball's wide channels provide sure grip and control. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the basketball allows coaches and players to continue basketball drills and games rain or shine.

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$31.49 $34.99
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Match Point Competition Outdoor Volleyball System - Complete - Royal
Match Point Competition Outdoor Volleyball System Ground Sleeve

Ground Sleeve for removable installation of VB282D & VB283D. When installed according to instructions, the top of the sleeve is approximately 6" below the top of the sand, so sand can be used for other activities. Durable molded plastic cap keeps sand out. Each system requires two sleeves. Approx. shipping weight: 35#/each; Sm. Pkg.

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$244.00 Set
FOX 40 Protective Whistle PouchFOX 40 Protective Whistle Pouch
FOX 40 Protective Whistle Pouch

The Fox 40® Protective Pouch is designed to protect the user and others in close proximity from droplets, while still maximizing sound power. Manufactured using 100% moisture resistant polyester fabric, it seals around the Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG®) of your Fox 40® whistle so it will not block the chambers. The Pouch is best used with a Fox 40® Classic® CMG® whistle. Whistle not included.

Pouch requires a CMG® style whistle to hold the pouch in place. Output is reduced by only 1.5 dB, indistinct to the human ear.

Includes an elastic loop to connect your lanyard. Can also be used as handheld.

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Fox 40 Mini Electronic WhistleFox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle
Fox 40 Mini Electronic Whistle

• Single distinct tone
• Utilizes push button for a hygienic solution for multiple users
• Provides a loud, clear and consistent sound every time
• Includes an LED light for optimal use
• Ultra slim body design
• Metal ring, clip, and Fox 40 custom lanyard included
• Four L1154F cell batteries included
• 110 dB

Hand operated whistle with LED light. Includes four L1154F batteries. Pocket clip. Sound can be aimed in specific directions. Hygienic solution for multiple users. Lanyard has button-style spring-loaded adjustable cord lock with small release buckle and mobile device-style loop attachment.

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Deluxe Official High School Take-Off Board
Deluxe Official High School Take-Off Board

This Deluxe Official High School Take-Off Board complies with new high school rules. 20" x 48" of seasoned fir firmly cleated with concealed screws. painted white and treated on the underside. 33 lbs.

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Fiberglass Vault Box
Fiberglass Vault Box

This box is triple hand laminated for extra structural strength. The strongest fiberglass box in the field…Has official 105 degree angle.

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