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Fun Gripper (TD) 8.5" Volleyball
Fun Gripper (TD) 8.5" Volleyball

• Saturnian
• Nylon tie-dye cover fabric with easy to grip surface
• Sting free non-slip PVC polyester nylon substrate surface
• 8.5” Diameter
• Ages 5+

Sting free non-slip PVC polyester nylon substrate surface, nylon tie-dye cover fabric with easy to grip surface. Great for grasping, throwing, tossing, flinging and catching easily. Ages 5+.

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$21.95 Each
2 Color Combos
 - Swirls/Red -
Mikasa No-Sting Squish Volleyball

• Mikasa
• Player-friendly "pillow-soft cover"
• Softest game volleyball in the world
• Waterproof - Great for pool play

These balls have been specifically developed to reduce "sting" when the ball is struck. This user-friendly, soft-shell design enables the player to focus on the game and the skills needed to excel in the sport of volleyball. As an added benefit these "pillow soft cover" volleyballs are also waterproof. The absolutely softest game volleyball in the world. Guaranteed. An exclusive Mikasa product. It is literally THE SOFTEST volleyball made. So enjoy this baby outdoors in the park or even in your pool!

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$15.50 Each
Sting-Free Volleyballs - Set of 6
Sting-Free Volleyballs - Set of 6

• Sting Free Volleyball
• Durable double knit polyester and foam cover
• Butyl Bladder
• Designed for use by children
• Durable when not over inflated
• Recommended for ages 5-10
• Set of 6 colors.

Sting-Free volleyball has a standard butyl bladder, covered with a layer of foam that is in turn covered with durable double knit polyester. 18 panel construction. Of_cial size and weight. Available individually in assorted colors or in a set of 6.

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$86.95 Each