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Curved Body Shield for BasketballCurved Body Shield for Basketball
Curved Body Shield for Basketball

• 24"L x 16"W x 4"D
• Heavy-duty vinyl covered foam
• Weighs 3 lbs.
• Training aid for play in the post
• Available in Black & Royal Blue

Fisher's curved body shield is an excellent training aid that teaches players to play with contact without risking injury during practice. Players can hold while setting picks or screens and while performing other contact drills. Available in Black & Royal Blue.

Can not be customized

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Deluxe Playback
Deluxe Playback

Features adjustable upper bracket for increased training options. Heavy duty weatherized netting. Speedy assembly-to tools required. Perfect for all skill levels. Includes playback training video. Drills with Dusty Baker and Sheila Cornell 72" H x 42" W.

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Elite Throw & Field Trainer
Elite Throw & Field Trainer

Train like a champion with the ultimate in training screens—the Champion Sports Elite Throw and Field Trainer. Made from professional quality materials that will stand up to even the roughest training sessions, the screen features adjustable legs for creating multiple angles of return, a high visibility strike zone, and a bungee cord system for easy assembly. 48"W x 68"H.

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Three Point Shooter
Three Point Shooter

• Reduces shooting target by 20% from an 18″ diameter to 16″
• Train the shooter to hit a smaller target
• Normal goal looks like a great big bucket during games
• A must for developing players to dramatically increase their shooting percentage
• Fits residential goals, too
• Rim not included

Reduces shooting target from normal ring's 18" diameter to 16". This 20% reduction in area will train the shooter to hit a smaller target, making a normal goal look like a great big bucket during games. A must for developing players to dramatically increase their shooting percentage. Fits residential goals too. Rim not included.

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