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Deluxe Steel PlyoboxesDeluxe Steel Plyobox - 6 inch
Deluxe Steel Plyoboxes

Jumping on and off boxes is one of the best plyometric exercises to improve leg power, speed, and strength. Each box is constructed of 1" square steel tubing. Top platform is steel reinforced 1/4" aluminum covered with a rubber surface. Anti-skid rubber is located at base corners to prevent slipping and to protect floors. Tapered design allows for much greater stability, and easy stacking for storage.

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Jump Soles
Jump Soles

• Versatile high-density rubber platforms
• Stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles
• Develops muscle resiliency vital to explosive leg power
• Run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker
• Simple hook and loop strap on
• Includes detailed training manual and video

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular plyometrics frontal training platforms which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds.

Versatile high-density rubber platforms work to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Developing muscle resiliency in the area is vital to explosive leg power. Jump Soles will blast your lower legs like nothing else you've ever tried. After training with Jump Soles, you'll run faster, jump higher and change direction quicker. Simple hook and loop strap on. Also includes detailed training manual and video.

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Plyo Runway Mat
Plyo Runway Mat

Designed for running, jumping and bounding. Surface reduces the stress of impact on joints and muscles during explosive training sessions. 3' W x 6' L x 1/4" thick. Note: Plyo boxes shown not included with mat - order separately.

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Soft Plyoboxes
Soft Plyoboxes

These soft plyoboxes are designed to be less intimidating than steel boxes for the developing athlete. Standard 28"x28" blocks. The 3" block is built with 2.2# density polyethylene foam, other sizes with 1.8# which provides stability, shock attenuation, and performance. Boxes are secured for stacking with industrial strength hook and loop fasteners and have a durable vinyl cover. All boxes are less than 28 lbs. and have two reinforced handles for portability. Available in 5 sizes or a set of 5 (1 of each size).

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Weighted Training Hurdles (Set of 6) - 6 inch - 9 inch Weighted Training Hurdles
Weighted Training Hurdles (Set of 6)

• Heavy-duty 6", 9" or 12" plastic yellow hurdles
• Tip resistant
• Set of 6.
• Includes a nylon carrying bag.

The heavy-duty Champion Sports Weighted Training Hurdle Sets are tip- resistant and offers optimum stability. The sets of six weighted plastic hurdles are ideal for speed and jumping drills, and simply adjust the space between each hurdle for stride length drills. A convenient nylon carry bag is included for easy transport. Leap over the competition when you train with our Weighted Hurdles! 

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