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Spalding High-Bounce Ball
Spalding High-Bounce Ball

• 2 1/4" in diameter
• An all purpose rubber play ball
• Use for catch, running bases, stickball, and many other games.

The classic ''Spaldeen'' is an all-purpose play ball that is great for stick-ball, stoop ball, paddle games, throwing, catching, bouncing, and more!

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$2.25 Each
Penn Ultra Blue Racquetballs - Can of 3
Penn Ultra Blue Racquetballs - Can of 3

• #1 Selling Racquetball The ball that set the standard for all other racquetballs
• Ultra Blue racquetball gives long, lively, and consistent play
• Manufactured in United States
• 3 balls per can

Made for long-lasting and consistent play, the Ultra Blue is the Official Ball of the Legends Tour and the Official Ball of the United States Racquetball Association. Long-lasting, consistent play. 3 balls per can. Official ball of Legends Tour and USRA. 2 1/4" diameter. 1.4 oz.

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$5.50 Can
Pinky High-Bounce Ball
Pinky High-Bounce Ball

• Ball measures 2.5" in diameter
• Pinky ball is solid, not hollow.
• Perfect for a wide variety of games and activities
• Also great for massaging the feet, hands, back or hip.
• Ages 3 years and up

Looks, feels, and bounces like the original you remember from yesteryear.
A favorite for many different games and activities, also used in pilates & yoga. The High-Bounce Pinky Ball is also ideal for massaging the feet, hands or body. Contains latex.

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$4.25 Each