Speed Stacks G5 StackMat Pro


$43.95 Each


• NEW 4-Pad or 2-Pad mode
• Accuracy to 0.001 seconds
• Data port to connect to external display
• Includes G5 Timer, G5 Mat, and Gear Bag

The new Speed Stacks G5 Timer is the next step in the evolution of sport stacking. The patented four-pad activation system eliminates a whole class of scratches by ensuring that hands can’t be holding cups when starting and stopping the timer. Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Other G5 features include:

Two operation modes: 4-Pad (for stacking) and 2-Pad (for speed cubing).
Just hold the RESET button for 5 seconds to switch modes.

Reinforced button design prevents wear through from extended use

Hold-feature on buttons prevents lost times when a timer is slammed

TD cord plugs in underneath the timer so it’s out of the way and won’t get unplugged

Snap-in G5 button system eliminates timers getting knocked off the mat

Note: The G5 StackMat Pro Timer is not compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4 mats.


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