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Shuffleboard Court Stencil SetShuffleboard Court Stencil Set
Shuffleboard Court Stencil Set

• Quickly and easily line a shuffleboard court with a can of spray paint.
• Strong, lightweight, clear, 3-piece plastic stencil set
• Can be used numerous times
• Shipped rolled up in a carton.
• Creates a court 52' long x 6' wide
• Made of 20 mil recyclable PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)
• Comes with a removable, protective film on both sides of the stencil

Quickly and easily line a shuffleboard court with a can of spray paint. This strong, lightweight, clear, 3-piece plastic stencil set can be used numerous times and is shipped rolled up in a carton. The lines are regulation 0.75” wide.

APPLICATION: Use a lining or striping spray paint (available at the hardware store) in thin coats- coats that are too thick will cause the disc to stop on the line.

Download instructions HERE

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$225.00 Set
Pickleball Court StencilPickleball Court Stencil
Pickleball Court Stencil

The Pickleball Court Stencil helps you paint beautiful crisp pickleball court lines and can be used over and over again.

The Pickleball Court Stencil comes with several different stencils which align at various areas of the court. A cleverly designed feature allows users to flip the top portion of the stencil from the left to the right, creating one streamlined court line. This product comes with five stencils and three cans of industrial-strength striping paint. Watch the video demonstration to see how the stencils work.

This Pickleball Court Stencil will make it much easier to paint clean court lines.

Please note that this product must ship UPS Ground. Priority and overnight shipping are not offered.

Paint is available in the following colors: black paint or white paint

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$267.50 Each
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