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5 Resistance Levels
SPRI Braided XertubesSPRI Braided Xertube - Light (Green)
SPRI Braided Xertubes

• Weaves 4 strands of SPRI's Tuff Tube together.
• For higher demand tubing exercises that regular tubing can't handle
• Enhanced tubing lifespan and integrity
• Silver metallic and Yellow
• Resistance: Very Light

The SPRI  Braided Xertube® braided resistance bands offers all the same benefits as other braided exercise bands, and then some. The braided rope-like construction makes this the toughest tube in the braided resistance bands market. The handle not only provides comfort, but also allows all four tubes to come through the connector independently, making the SPRI Braided Xertube® durable enough for any type of braided resistance bands exercise. Anchor our resistance bands to any secure object, step on it, or use with a partner for variety in your resistance bands training. Color-coded resistances range from very light to ultra-heavy. Sold individually.

Measurements: 50"L x 5" Handles. 

Five color-coded resistances:

Resistance Level Weight Equivalent Color
 Very Light  1  + / - 12.5lbs  Yellow
 Light  2  + / - 25lbs  Green
 Medium  3  + / - 37.5lbs  Red
 Heavy  4  + / - 50lbs  Blue
 Very Heavy  5  + / - 62.5lbs




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5 Resistance Levels
SPRI Braided Lateral ResistorsSpri Braided Lateral Resistor - Light (Green)
SPRI Braided Lateral Resistors

• The next level in lower body training
• Durable braided, rope-like construction
• The larger padded cuffs for comfort
• Ideal for the development of dynamic lower body quickness and reaction
• Perfect for lower body training that requires more from your tubing

Bring your lower body workout to the max with the Braided Lateral Resistor. Designed to be extra durable with its braided rope-like construction and provides superior support with padded ankle cuffs. Ideal for lower-body training that requires more from your tubing and designed to keep up with your quickness and strength. Color-coded resistance levels ranging from very light to heavy. Sold individually. Includes ankle cuffs and a downloadable exercise instruction sheet.

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4 Resistance Levels
Stretch Training BandsStretch Training Band - Light (5 lbs - 25 lbs)
Stretch Training Bands

• Great for group fitness classes
• Ideal for muscle and strength training, improving flexibility, and stretching
• Promotes safe stretching and form and can be useful when rehabilitating injuries
• All bands are 42" long

Add resistance training to any workout with these 42" long Stretch Training Bands. From group classes with a focus on cardio and maintenance to strength training or rehabilitating injuries, these multi-use resistance bands are great for ensuring proper form and improving flexibility and overall fitness.

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BOSU Resistance BandsBOSU Resistance Bands
BOSU Resistance Bands

Beautiful 2 tone color design lets BOSU® Resistance Bands stand out from the rest. Up to 120lbs of resistance allows you to get a total body workout from home. Resistance Bands are great for stretching, toning, building muscle, and rehabilitation.

• Break Resistant
• Tone, Stretch, Rehab
• Up to 120lbs resistance

• Heavy: 50-120 lbs
• Medium: 45-100 lbs 
• Light: 35-70 lbs

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