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Made in the USA
Push/Pull Sled
Push/Pull Sled

This push-pull sled is ideal for developing leg strength and speed. Plate neck accommodates Olympic style plates (not included) if you require more workout weight. Either pull the sled with shoulder harness/straps or push the sled with 12" high push-bar. Unit measures 43"L x 19"W x 14"H and weighs 40 lbs. Sled includes shoulder harness with two straps.Made in the USA.

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Made in the USA
Versa SledVersa Sled
Versa Sled

Our new and unique Versa-Sled offers an economical training device for Jr. High through college programs. The Versa-Sled is made of tough weather-resistant heavy-gauge 1 3/4" galvanized steel. Includes a unique platform that allows the athlete to provide resistance weights using weight plates. Athletes can use the Versa-Sled with or without weights by pushing the sled along the ground or by simply clipping the included shoulder harness with straps attachment onto the sled to pull the sled along. Harness attachment rings are included. The sled measures 60" long x 30" wide x 44" high at the back end. Has two 1 3/4" diameter, 5 1/2" high weight posts. Unit weighs 45 lbs.

NOTE: weight plates not included.

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$354.00 Each
4 Resistance Levels
Son of the Beast Pro KitSon of the Beast Pro Kit
Son of the Beast Pro Kit

The Son of The Beast is the improved spawn of Stroops original elastic battle rope, The Beast. You can run, jump, slam, and so much more all with the The Son of The Beast.

Intensify your workout with the Son of the Beast, a sleeved elastic battle rope large enough for conventional battle rope exercises like waves and slams and agility training. Use it also for resistance exercises for muscle building and endurance. This is your entire workout in one kit.

Kit Includes:

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Power Break-Away Harness w/ Shoulder HarnessPower Break-Away Harness w/ Shoulder Harness
Power Break-Away Harness w/ Shoulder Harness

Designed to allow athletes consistent resistance throughout their acceleration training while still reaching full speed. Lets athletes improve stride frequency, strength, and form. While wearing the harness with the handle attached from the athlete's back to their partner, the athlete sprints forward. The partner holding the handle in one hand and the quick release strap in the other can then release the strap at any point, allowing the athlete to continue sprinting to full speed. Includes one (1) 10-foot Quick Release Power Handle and one (1) Universal Shoulder Harness.

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Power Break-Away Harness w/ Belt
Power Break-Away Harness w/ Belt

Similar to the Resistance trainer but has the coach activated quick release feature. Great for power running and then explosive, quick starts.

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Made in the USA
Harness Resistor
Harness Resistor

The resistor is the lowest priced harness with 10 foot nylon straps available. It develops strength and power by "overloading" the muscles in the sprinting action. Thousands in use nation wide. Harness has 3 connection points.

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Maxi-Speed w/ Tow Vest & Medium Tubing - Clearance
Maxi-Speed w/ Tow Vest & Medium Tubing - Clearance

Put a new emphasis on lightning-fast starts and acceleration with a longer rubber cable! With a 16-foot cable safely stretching to 48 feet, the Maxi-Speed is great for assisting athletes off the line, short sprint drills, and acceleration development. The Maxi-Speed features a Safety Loop System on one end that provides a unique self-forming belt with no hardware to break or remove. Simply step into the loop, position the padding around your waist, and pull the choke toward you.

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