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Economy Wooden Discus
Economy Wooden Discus

Practice your throwing technique with the Champion Sports Wooden Practice Discus. This practice discus is made of wood and features a metal outer rim and center.

The 1.0 kg discus is designed for female and male junior level practice.
The 1.6 kg discus is designed for male high school level practice.
The 2.0 kg discus is designed for collegiate level practice.

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Adjustable Weight High School Practice Discus
Adjustable Weight High School Practice Discus

- Customize your discus training with this variable weight training disc
- Easy and quick transition from weight to weight

Unscrew the middle to make the discus underweight or overweight. ABS plastic shell with steel rim. Adjusts from 1.4k to 1.8K

Not competition legal, for training only

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Novice Discus - 2K
Novice Discus - 2K

• High impact ABS side plate construction.
• 73%+ center weighted (develop technique/strength/control).
• Designed for beginning throwers and practice.

Designed for beginners and practice, this economically priced discus has the majority of its weight in the center and does not require the strength and technique needed for the high rim-weight discus.

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